RH 00054


RH 00054 "Why has Mintabie been left to Rot?" by Riley Walter, photos by Simon Cross and Tom Huntley, The Advertiser, 19/11/22 Traditional Owners Want Answers over Trashed Opal Mecca Pictures of Ivanka and Luka Sumanovic, Karina Lester

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RH 00053


RH 00053 "My Town in Ruins," by Riley Walter, pictures by Simon Cross, SA Weekend, The Advertiser November 19-20, 2022 Mintabie Pictures of Kevin Davies, Jamie Wilson and Christine Watkinson, destroyed buildings

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PW 00022


PW 00022 Wind Power by Nancy Dold, Coober Pedy Times 27th March 1991 Installation of the Nordex Wind Turbine Generator began on 11th March 1991 Photos by Todd Arthur

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1980 0115


  old Stuart Highway, Coober Pedy, mining field, early 1980's

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1980 0114


old Stuart Highway, Coober Pedy, mining field early 1980's

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HP 00021


    The Coober Pedy Hospital, Inc was opened on 8th October 1882 by Minister of Health Mrs Jennifer Adamson.

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BI 00107 2


Gus Arthur's contribution to the community recognised by Heather Hannath "A Portrait of Special Memories" and Mark Hoad "And the List Goes On," Coober Pedy Times 20/4/1994

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BI 00107 1


Gus Arthur Citizen of the Year, by Mark Hoad, Coober Pedy Times 20/4/1994

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RH 00051


Tough Country - Beautiful Son Obituary - Jack Plate ( 2nd Feb 1978 - 22 Jan 1999 ) article by Phillip Gee 24th February 1999 Coober Pedy Times Page 5 Adam and Lynnie Plate, Pink Roadhouse, Oodnadatta

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