RH 00049


"31st October Deadline for Submissions to Save Mintabie," letter by Arek Varjabedian, CPRT 18/10/18 Mentions Eileen Hooper, Graeme Gunn 2009 APY - Mintabie Amended Legislation 2009 Land Claim  

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CO 00064


Traces Restaurant by Merv Richards Coober Pedy Times 6/5/98 Photo:  Thelma & Jimmy with group of customers

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GI 14003


'Cats and Dogs of Coober,' by Michelle Etheridge, Advertiser 13/3/22 Pictured:  Dawn Jones and Hayden Lewis Dawn's Coober Pedy Animals' Second Chance arranges for animals to be rehomed and desexed through Paws & Claws in Adelaide.

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HP 00020


Kathy Kruger, Profile by Angela Jachmann, CPRT 20/5/2004

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PR 00014


'Why the Drive-in Prices Must Go Up?' Opal Chips June 1984 Drive-in and Drive-in Canteen main sources of money for Progress Association which was spent on infrastructure, road & saltwater pipeline maintenance, public toilets and administration

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HS 00097


HS 00097 Mintabie Opal Fields Phone Book 2008, courtesy of Studio 8

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BI 00063 2


BI 00063 2 Hannah Berta (1918 - )a remarkable lady, by Phil Gee, Coober Pedy Times 25/3/1998

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AB 00071


'Drink killing us - Aboriginal,' by Ian Richards, Advertiser Sept/Oct 1981 Barney Lennon, manager of WOMA program 'Advice...by George,' by Ian Richards, Advertiser Oct 1981 George Cooley. Aboriginal community advisor

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GI 90021


GI 90021 'Radiation Checks Carried Out,' Coober Pedy Times  July 1984, pp 1-3 Concerns over radiation levels of buildings, vehicles, appliances and the school bulldozer that were acquired at the Maralinga test site

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BI 00080 6


'Personal Profile Sister Vicki McCormack,' Coober Pedy Times October 1985

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