TR 00020


TR 00020 "Nullarbor Lifeline: Tea and Sugar Train - 1912 - 1996" by Kay Merry, History Matters, Vol 13 Number 1 February 2003  

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BU 00009


Lutheran Hall from Maralinga by Kevin Schrapel BU 00009

BU 000092023-08-01T10:35:45+09:30

BU 00008


BU 00008 Old Town Hall from Maralinga by Sue Britt Mentioned Kevin Schrapel, Albert McCormack, Blain Leo, Tim Froling

BU 000082023-08-01T10:29:34+09:30

BI 00017 7


BI 00017 7 'I've Lived Underground for 62 Years,' as told to Claudia Siron by Jenny Gough, That's Life, July 2023 Mentions Ron Gough, Cheryl & Robyn, Old Timers Mine

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GI 11048


30 Years after Student Bus Crash near Coober Pedy, Survivors Plan Documentary, Coober Pedy Regional Times, 23/6/23 45 students and 4 teachers from Mount Lilydale Mercy College were on board. Local responders included Andy Sheils (pictured), Janet Brewer, Veronika Witham, Nora McDonald, Lloyd Hetzel, and Grant Drummond.

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RH 00056


RH 00056 Memories of Mirikata Blue Steel Trials South Australia 1957 – 1965, The BS 2001 Reunion Committee Compiled and Edited in Adelaide by Bryan Wetton and Gordon Meopham October 2001 Our Web Site South Australian Blue Steel Trials 1958-1965 at Mentions stations:  McDouall Peak, the Twins, Mt Eba, Bulgunnia, Bon Bon & Ingomar and Wayne & Sharon Rankin of Twins, the Governor of South Australia, Lieutenant-General Sir Edric Bastyan and Lady Bastyan  

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RH 00054


RH 00054 "Why has Mintabie been left to Rot?" by Riley Walter, photos by Simon Cross and Tom Huntley, The Advertiser, 19/11/22 Traditional Owners Want Answers over Trashed Opal Mecca Pictures of Ivanka and Luka Sumanovic, Karina Lester

RH 000542022-11-21T16:21:56+10:30

RH 00053


RH 00053 "My Town in Ruins," by Riley Walter, pictures by Simon Cross, SA Weekend, The Advertiser November 19-20, 2022 Mintabie Pictures of Kevin Davies, Jamie Wilson and Christine Watkinson, destroyed buildings

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PW 00022


PW 00022 Wind Power by Nancy Dold, Coober Pedy Times 27th March 1991 Installation of the Nordex Wind Turbine Generator began on 11th March 1991 Photos by Todd Arthur

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1980 0115


  old Stuart Highway, Coober Pedy, mining field, early 1980's

1980 01152022-10-22T21:18:13+10:30
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