1948 0012


Aboriginal Trackers Danny and Freddy, thought to have come from Ooldea, who worked with Policeman Ronald Robert Warner of Tarcoola  (1944 to 1949). Their work was to ensure that tensions between local Aboriginal people and the surveyors setting up Woomera were quelled.    

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1948 0011


Ronald Robert Warner Policeman at Tarcoola  from 1944-1949, next to his 1936 Ford Utility which was used for his work

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1948 0010


Ian and Desmond Warner with the Post Master outside the Post Office in 1948. Ian and Desmond were the sons of Policeman Ronald Robert Warner, stationed at the time in Tarcoola from where he patrolled a large area, including Coober Pedy. Post Master thought to be Jack Young.

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GI 70045


GI 70045   Geoff Byrnes' recollections of the summer of 1959-1960. Mentions Donald, Beverly and Michael Byrnes, the Kempe family at Macumba and Dick Nunn at Anna Creek

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1957 1174


Geoff Byrnes' motor bike, a Royal Enfield 350 "Bullet" on his 1957 trip through Coober Pedy. Photo taken at Penrhyn on his way to Mount Barry via Mount Willoughby, Copper Hills and Arkaringa

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1960 0579


Cars outside Brewster's Store c.1960 From the Jack Whitford Collection Jack Whitford was the Roads Superintendent of the E&WS Dept. which maintained the roads in the Outback until 1995 at which time SA Water and the Highways Dept. were established.

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ME 00012


Article "From the Archives"  from The Real Australian  Winter Edition 2023 p 26-27 Written by Anne Ranse nee Dau. An account of the Bush Church Aid service at Coober Pedy Medical Centre 1969-1972

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CH 00049


Article from THE REAL AUSTRALIAN  Winter 2015 by Mary Lewis " BCA's History in the Diocese of Willochra" An edited edition of BCA's involvement in the Willochra Diocese as it celebrated its centenary in 2015.

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CH 00048


Article from The Real Australian  Winter 2015 by Kerry Medway, "Coober Pedy, 100 Years Since The Discovery of Opal" Mentions the Catacomb Church's activities during the Centenary celebration, and all BCA missioners who have served in Coober Pedy. Mentioned in order of appearance: Geoff & Tracey Piggott, Kerry Medway, first two BCA nurses in Coober Pedy Sisters Heather Heaver and Pat Darby, Sister Anne Dau who won a bravery medal, BCA Sisters Carol Allen & Michelle Blondel with Sister Vicki McCormack and husband Albert McCormack, the first BCA Missioner The Revd Brian Carter, The Revd Barry & Mrs Jenny Rainsford, The Revd [...]

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OB 00020


Magnetic advertising on water truck for Dave and Carol Arnold's water supply business, operating from late 1979 to early 1982

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