ME 00012


Article "From the Archives"  from The Real Australian  Winter Edition 2023 p 26-27 Written by Anne Ranse nee Dau. An account of the Bush Church Aid service at Coober Pedy Medical Centre 1969-1972

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BI 00010 2


Ethel Wilson "The Empress of  Opals," Women's Weekly 7-10-53 by John Fitzgerald

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SH 00030


SH 00030   Coober Pedy Area School newspaper 7th May 1976 kupa piti wangkanyi "76" Mentions: The Principal N Golding, President School Council Kevin Schrapel, Teacher Robyn Billing, George McCormack, Rev Kerry Medway, Father Peta Vuletic, Helen McCormack, Broni Fuks, P Brooks, A Lazaraki, Judy Harper, Judy Underwood, J Papadopolous, A Lazaraki,  Christine Ledgard, K Dinkoutis, P Rust, Helen Ledgard, Judy Underwood, S Winters.  

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GI 13009


Article  "We'd really love to see you in Coober, cobber", by Valerina Changarathil from The Advertiser May 16 2015. Written in the year of Coober Pedy's centenary, the  Mayor, Steve Staines tells of the opportunities and challenges of the town

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CH 00050


CH 00050 The Opening & Blessing of the Catacomb Church of Coober Pedy 11 June 1977 The Anglican Bishop of Willochra Bishop Bruce Rosier Mentioned: Kerry Medway, Albert McCormack, Arnold McCormack, Kevin & Raelene Hull, Helen McCormack, Phil Olsson, Estelle Olsson, Sigi Plessing, Vicki McCormack, Robin Williams, Diedre McCormack, Julieanne Medway.

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CO 00080


CO 00080 Brochure OPAL INN Coober Pedy SA Hotel Motel Caravan Park

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GI 13008


GI-13008 Article "Coober Pedy 5723" from the Weekend Australia Magazine 16/17 May 2015 Mentions Dave Sawyer (Swampy)

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SH 00029


SH 00029 Article "Teaching in Coober Pedy" from SA Teachers Journal 15 April 1981 Mentions: Fay Stevens, Alana Mellor, Malcolm Lowrey, Peter Caust, Dave Winters, Anne Papadopoulos, Cyril Tindall, Chris Fitzpatrick, Anne Johnson, Sue Davison, Rowie Cowan

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SH 00028


SH 00028 Program for Carols by Candle Light published by Coober Pedy Area School

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SH 00027


SH 00027 Program for Coober Pedy area school 1986 Silver Jubilee Open Night  

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