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"31st October Deadline for Submissions to Save Mintabie," letter by Arek Varjabedian, CPRT 18/10/18 Mentions Eileen Hooper, Graeme Gunn 2009 APY - Mintabie Amended Legislation 2009 Land Claim  

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CO 00064


Traces Restaurant by Merv Richards Coober Pedy Times 6/5/98 Photo:  Thelma & Jimmy with group of customers

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GI 14003


'Cats and Dogs of Coober,' by Michelle Etheridge, Advertiser 13/3/22 Pictured:  Dawn Jones and Hayden Lewis Dawn's Coober Pedy Animals' Second Chance arranges for animals to be rehomed and desexed through Paws & Claws in Adelaide.

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BI 00027 7


Mary Burnett. Mary raised Arch in Penola after Julia Burnett died in childbirth photo donated by Ian Burnett

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Julia Burnett, daughter of Arch  and and his wife Julia, seen here as a police woman in Melbourne c.1950's photo donated by Ian Burnett

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BI 00027 5


Julia Burnett nee Patterson, with her brother, Jack Julia died at the birth of her son Arch photo donated by Ian Burnett

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RD 00006


Article - News 4the March 1939 "Obstacles in way of Coober Pedy's pedal radio" Mentions Rev F.H. Patterson of Australian Inland Mission and Rev Frank Johncock of Tennant Creek Article sourced from Trove RD 00006

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HP 00020


Kathy Kruger, Profile by Angela Jachmann, CPRT 20/5/2004

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TR 00016


Article "Experiencing the Sturt Highway" by Ray Schilling, Country Superintendent for St John's Ambulance re. a trip taken in May 1980 from Adelaide to Alice Springs and return, in wet conditions, the Stuart Highway at that time being most unsealed. Mentions; Glen Woods (Adelaide), Norm Lockhart (Co driver), Bill McDougall (Coober Pedy), Greg Oakley (Marla), Brian Males (Alice Springs) TR 00016

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