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Greek Orthodox Church, story of Nicholas who died in a mining accident in 1962, Kon Eleftheriadis is mentioned click to view article

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1983 0083


Faye Nayler's shop Opal Cave (top) and dugout home (below) 1983

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'Notes for Opening of New Coober Pedy Police Station' researched by R.J. Potts, 22/11/1995

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BK 00027


Telegraph Tourists, Crossing Australia with 'Vauxie' and 'Baby' in 1929 by Frank Wright and Penryn Goldman

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ND 00007


The Bicycle Bushmen, Jim and Dick O'Neill with Fred Blakeley and Jethro Fred spent 5 years cycling around NSW and Queensland working as a shearer and station hand and opal mining. In June 1908, the three mates Fred Blakeley, Jim and Dick ONeill - travelled 2,200 miles by bicycle from Broken Hill to Darwin. Blakeley's book Hard Liberty tells about this journey.

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2013 0001


Andy Sheils Photo from  

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1990 0088


Opal Festival parade. Phil Gee with his 4 camels

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1990 0089


Opal Festival parade.  Clydesdale horse drawn Passenger Service

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1990 0087


Last Resort Caf Roland Weber (far left) and Peter Caust (far right) with others looking at the menu

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1990 0085


Susanne and Roland Weber at the Last Resort Cafe, 1990

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