OB 00020


Magnetic advertising on water truck for Dave and Carol Arnold's water supply business, operating from late 1979 to early 1982

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OB 00019


Holy Bible, presented to Anna Coluccello on becoming an Australian Citizen 9/5/1968 Inscription inside front cover reads: "To commemorate your acceptance as an Australian Citizen From the Coober Pedy Progress Association Incorporated R Ayton (President) K Skinner (Secretary) 9.5.68 "

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OB 00016


Small souvenir patch purchased in Coober Pedy, presumed by the donor's parents c.1960's.

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OB 00014


Commonwealth Savings Bank of Australia sign Thought to be he same sign that was outside George Burfords dugout from 1938 - 1942. See items 1938 0061 and 1938 0067

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OB 00013


Pick found in old mine on Koska Hill during renovation work to dugout.

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OB 00012


Robert Bryce - Correspondence School lessons Grade I, 1956 Grade II, 1957 Grade III, 1958  

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