1957 1173


Dag Johnson photo described as " On left, unknown, Stan Keady, Artie Alp (always had a cigarette in his hand) George Marks, must be 1957 as we just got the new model Holden.  

1957 11732022-09-06T10:51:43+09:30

1957 1139


Big party at George Marks' place (photo 2) "Just about the whole population of Coober Pedy was here."  Dag Johnson

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1971 0235


View of Coober Pedy towards the drive-in theatre from Dag Johnson's house, which was later sold to Emanuel Christianos.

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1971 0234


View of Coober Pedy from Dag Johnson's house dating from when the Discount Warehouse was built.

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1970 0388


A billboard for mining equipment including tunnelling machines and blowers

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1970 0389


Distances from Coober Pedy to Mt Willoughby, Granite Downs, Kulgera and Alice Springs on old Stuart Highway in miles.

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1956 1141


Dagbjorn on 12 Mile fixing the carbide light.  Take note of can of carbide, water bag and rope with knots used for climbing up and down the hole.  The black and white dog is Vic Williams' dog Nellie and the other is Dag's dog Opal.

1956 11412020-11-17T18:58:26+10:30

1957 1143


Jim Collins grading opal behind Jim Tinland's camp. "Take note of the walls made with 70lb sugar bags sewn together then white washed with a flour and water mixture.  When we had field mice, they loved to eat the walls."  Dag Johnson

1957 11432020-11-17T18:50:15+10:30

1957 1138


"Big party outside George Marks' place.  About the whole population of Coober Pedy in 1957 were in this picture and the next two (1957 1139 and 1957 1140).  Dusty, Jimmy Collins, Tim Brice, Italians are in this photo." Dag Johnson

1957 11382020-11-15T17:04:50+10:30
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