1964 0437


Day 1 of the construction of the Lutheran Mission Church. The site was pegged and by the end of the day, the foundations were laid.

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1964 0436


Day 3 of the construction of the Lutheran Mission Church Frame work fixed and roof iron going on

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1964 0435


The Koonibba Mission Truck and trailer loaded with the building material for the Coober Pedy Mission Church. Clarrie Oster with David Edwards and Charlie Stewart of Yalata Mission had driven the truck to Coober Pedy arriving on Friday 25th September 1964

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1964 0433


View to the south east of the Lutheran Mission Church. Catholic church dugout is in hill on right but is not visible

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1964 0432


Members of the Lutheran Mission Church work party on the way to Coober Pedy. Reg Schuster is changing a tyre.

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1964 0430


Day 3 of the construction of the Lutheran Mission Church The v -crimped zinc anneal wall sheeting is nailed on.

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1964 0429


Three men of the work party in Coober Pedy to build the Lutheran Mission Church -pictured  inside the dugout where they were staying.

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1964 0428


Day 6 in the construction of the Lutheran Mission Church E Lindner worked on plastering foundations. Theo Krieg worked on electrical wiring Framework and foundation for porch done and foundations for generator plant laid down Photo: Hurtle Hanisch  is inside the water tank, working on its construction.

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