2010 0024


Desert Traders Mobil Garage on Umoona Road, owned by Andy Swaitek, 2010 More recently owned by Umoona Community

2010 00242023-01-17T14:03:58+10:30

2010 0023


Underground Book Shop and Lin Andrews Real Estate office on Post Office Hill Road, 2010

2010 00232023-01-17T13:58:41+10:30

2010 0022


Caltex Service Station 2010, owned by the Pantellis family More recently became Shell Service Station

2010 00222023-01-17T13:53:24+10:30

2010 0021


Healthcare and Gifts Shop on left, owned by Ruth and Dr Kamitakahara. Was closed in 2010 Later this site became "Waffles and Gems"  

2010 00212023-01-18T13:36:50+10:30

2010 0020


Empty block on the corner of Umoona Road and Hutchison Street 2010 This block later became the site of the Umoona Drug and Alcohol Centre

2010 00202023-01-16T22:08:55+10:30

2010 0019


Opal Shop on Hutchison Street 2010 Previously was an opal shop owned by Colin Williams and originally a fish cafe owned by Eric Malliotis  

2010 00192023-01-16T22:03:13+10:30

2010 0017


Peter's Shopping Centre, corner of Winch and Hutchison Streets 2010 Aretas Opals on right. Previously was "Fast Films"

2010 00172023-01-16T22:33:17+10:30

2010 0016


7 Day Supermarket on Hutchison Street in 2010, owned by the Lucas family. In 2011 it was bought by the Carter family becoming Carter's IGA

2010 00162023-01-16T22:32:24+10:30

2010 0015


Umoona Mine & Museum on Hutchison Street 2010, business owned by Yanni Athanasiadis Desert Cave Hotel on left owned by the Coro family

2010 00152024-03-17T21:28:42+10:30
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