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Photo from the Observer (Adelaide) 30 May 1925  - of Archie King's Nash truck caption : Messres  (Archie) King & Hersey, who appear in the photograph alongside their trucks. left on a trip though the interior recently. The above picture was taken a day or two before departure. It is expected that the trip will cover up to 4,000 (miles). They purpose calling on all stations en route to the MacDonnell Ranges, proceeding via Kingoonya and returning via Oodnadatta. It was with Archie King that Minnie Berrington and her brother Victor came to Coober Pedy in 1926 Sourced from TROVE  http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article165864358 [...]

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SA Government Gazette entry on 5th February 1959 Reserve for Aborigines declared at Coober Pedy - Section 393, north out of hundreds

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SA Government Gazette entry on April 27 1922 Coober Pedy Tank Reserve gazetted

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Article from  the News (Adelaide) 7-3-1927 written by A.A. Burford about his son George, the youngest appointed JP at 24 years of age in September 1920 Also mentioned - Mr S B Harry Sourced from Trove BI 00013 9

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Article "Delving for Opal" from the Observer (Adelaide) 12/3/1921 Re. George Burford, miner for 3 years and secretary of the Stuart Range Opal Fields Association Also mentions a missing bushman William Telford, and Mr M Shank of Adelaide, given an honourary commission to enquire into opal markets in England and Europe Sourced from Trove BI 00013 8

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GI 30015


Newspaper article "A dugout on Fire" re a fire in Bert Paxton's dugout in 1929

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GI 30022


Article "Stuart Range Opal Fields"  from the Transcontinental 7th April 1922 Reprinted from the "Mining Review" under authority of T Pascoe, Minister of Mines re opal industry at the time including notes for miners on obligations and rights of Miners Right holders GI 30022

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GI 30021


Article "Coober Pedy Novel Village on Opal Field" 10th January 1922 about the living conditions and dugouts on the field, mail service, water supply from the Western Argus (Kalgoorlie WA) GI 30021

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PW 00019


Article "Concrete Tank at the Opal Fields" re work and conditions in the construction of the Underground Water Tank from Transcontinental (Port Augusta) 17th February 1922 Mentions W Hargrave (Inspector of the Water Conservation Dept) and Mr Turley (Foreman of the Tank construction) PW 00019

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