1948 0012


Aboriginal Trackers Danny and Freddy, thought to have come from Ooldea, who worked with Policeman Ronald Robert Warner of Tarcoola  (1944 to 1949). Their work was to ensure that tensions between local Aboriginal people and the surveyors setting up Woomera were quelled.    

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1948 0011


Ronald Robert Warner Policeman at Tarcoola  from 1944-1949, next to his 1936 Ford Utility which was used for his work

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1948 0010


Ian and Desmond Warner with the Post Master outside the Post Office in 1948. Ian and Desmond were the sons of Policeman Ronald Robert Warner, stationed at the time in Tarcoola from where he patrolled a large area, including Coober Pedy. Post Master thought to be Jack Young.

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BI 00029 8


Article "Sports at the Opal Fields" - Transcontinental (Port Augusta) 18-10-1940 Re Sports at Andamooka on Eight Hours Day 1940. Main event was race between opal buyers Tom Brady and Bill Francis. Tom Brady won. Also mentioned Mrs Sam Brooks, winner of the race for married women Sourced from Trove nla.news-article168448755.3 BI 00029 8

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Article "Death in Adelaide of Mr Tom Brady" Barrier Miner (Broken Hill) 18-8-1949 Sourced from Trove nla.news-article48607565 BI 00029 5

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MA 00019


Map of Coober Pedy c.1949 Royal Australian Survey Corp 1949 CAL NO  Map G8960s2531

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1946 0016


The Fire of Australia mined by Walter Bartram, 8 Mile 1946 One of the great opals of the world weighing 998g Acquired by South Australian Museum 19 January 2017 thanks to a $455,000 grant from the Federal Government and the Bartram family

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Grund Family Andamooka by M.J. Grund, Walkabout 1/11/42

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George Burford "Pedal Radio Saves man Blinded in Outback"  from The Daily Telegraph (Sydney) Sunday 6th July 1941

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Chasing Opal at Coober Pedy 1940's Style by J.E. Grund BI 00056 6  

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