GI 70043


Article from a magazine re Australian "Coat of Arms" made on a hillside by Steve Matusiak

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HS 00103


SA Government Gazette entry on June 27 1968 Section 445, north out of hundreds, out of counties, dedicated to Waterworks Reserve at Coober Pedy

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HS 00098


From SA Government Gazette on 27th March 1969 Town of Coober Pedy Constituted  

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GI 70041


Article Australian Womans weekly 2-2-1964 re Opal Cave. Mentions Faye Nayler & Ettie Hall

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GI 70014


Poem "They're a Weird Mob" written in the 1960's about people living at the Shell Patch. Names include Lee Robins, Murray Anock, Dean McMullen, wally Leuch, Bill McDougall, Jim the Pommy, Ron & Joan Ayton, Lofty, Owen & Lewis Daws, LLoyd & Joe Fimeri, Max Grund, Col & Laurie Seekamp, Ron Schubert, Howard Edwards & Lennie Dunne. CPT 22-6-1994

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