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Teachers at Coober Pedy Area School c.1972 Known names: Craig Cameron (Principal),Mike Davison, Sue Davison, Rosemary Helmis, Stella Hyatt, Ruth Schrapel, Denise Kwong,

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Article "Geoffro and The Budgie" Mention Geoffro Attwood, Les Queale, Terry Mc,  Greg O and The Budgie

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Newspaper article 3-3-72 "Johnny lights up town" re Johnny Roufos' power supply for Coober Pedy and Newspaper article 12-10-72 "Coober Pedy power re the Electricity Trust asked to augment the electricity supply in Coober Pedy as the generator had broken down Mentioned: Minister of Works Mr Corcoran and Mr Gunn (LCP, Eyre)

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Article Sunday Mail 12-11-72 "New school's in at Coober" Report on new school opened by Acting Director-General of Education, Mr Les Dodd Also an earlier newspaper article August 1972 "Soon Outgrown" Reported that the new school opened about a month earlier, already too small for its school-going population SH 00024

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Article "Costly Pig"  - August 1972 Mentions St John Officer in Charge at Whyalla, Mr D Jacquier and Ambulance plane pilot Mr Barry Clifford re auctioning a pig to raise money for a new St John road ambulance for Coober Pedy

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Article "Coober Pedy Charter" from Lions Combined District 201 S - April 1978 by Ron Taylor from Prospect Lions Club Mentions Charter night Chairman Ern Sconce, District Governor Jack Davis, Coober Pedy President Laurie Collier, and Chef Sergio Albrigo

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"Water to be carted 85 miles" Advertiser article 20-8-1970 Reported by Mr Corcoran, the Minister of Works  - technical trouble with Coober Pedy's desalination plant, necessitating water carting form Matheson's bore in order to supply the 2,000 people with 48 gallons of water per person every week.

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AM 00006 Songs about Coober Pedy written in 1973 by Gary Atkins and David Clark

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Article "Opal Town" from The Australian Women's Weekly - September 3 1975 Mentions Faye Nayler and gives general information on Coober Pedy in 1975 GI 80029

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