OB 00021


Brass plaque commemorating the opening of the Coober Pedy Progress & Miners Association Community Hall by the Minister of Tourism, Recreation and Sport, the Hon T.C. Casey, on 27th February 1977

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SH 00030


SH 00030   Coober Pedy Area School newspaper 7th May 1976 kupa piti wangkanyi "76" Mentions: The Principal N Golding, President School Council Kevin Schrapel, Teacher Robyn Billing, George McCormack, Rev Kerry Medway, Father Peta Vuletic, Helen McCormack, Broni Fuks, P Brooks, A Lazaraki, Judy Harper, Judy Underwood, J Papadopolous, A Lazaraki,  Christine Ledgard, K Dinkoutis, P Rust, Helen Ledgard, Judy Underwood, S Winters.  

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CH 00050


CH 00050 The Opening & Blessing of the Catacomb Church of Coober Pedy 11 June 1977 The Anglican Bishop of Willochra Bishop Bruce Rosier Mentioned: Kerry Medway, Albert McCormack, Arnold McCormack, Kevin & Raelene Hull, Helen McCormack, Phil Olsson, Estelle Olsson, Sigi Plessing, Vicki McCormack, Robin Williams, Diedre McCormack, Julieanne Medway.

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GI 80030


Article "Opal Capital of Australian Outback"  by Kenny Moore, photographs by Penny Tweedie - National Geographic October 1976 Mentions Danny Serdar, Josef Boucek (alias Machine gun Joe), Alice Burke, James Hutchison, Faye Nayler, Trevor and Kate Weatherill, David Genat, Tony Starke, Fred Horie, Tom Kruse, Craig Cameron, Owen Daw, Farid Khan, Jim Ledgard, Harold Binke. GI 80030

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TR 00019


Sign at 8 Mile on old Stuart Highway "Join Australian Roughriders - Ride the Stuart Highway" c.1979

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BK 00108


Coober Pedy Area School Magazine 1975 Mentions : Principal Norm Golding, Mrs Barbara McCormack, LynnWirth, Nina Jensen, Editor Bob Burton and Sub Editor Paul Williams

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BK 00107


1991 Coober Pedy Area School Magazine Mentioned on the first pages: The Editorial Committee Laura Wilson, Analisa Marijonivic, Anna Beinke, Jane Priest, Teachers Lyndal Pryce,Rebecca Bach, Robert Pryce, Fiona Ratcliffe, Kerrie Prescott-Prime, School Principal John Hannath, School Council Chairperson Patrick Kelly

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BK 00106


1974 Coober Pedy Area School Magazine "among the mini people" Mentioned on the first page: Editor Chris Titheradge, School Principal Craig Cameron, Typist Jennie McLean, Teachers Tony Howard, Norm Golding and Paul Williams

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1978 0048


  Bus/Semi crash at Apple Tree corner on the way to Mt Willoughby station, April 1978

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1979 0188


Judy Genat, Faye Butts & Liz Haebich preparing sandwiches for the Coober Pedy Hospital Auxiliary Pre Race Cocktail party - October 1979

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