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Teaching Staff at Coober Pedy Area School 1982 Known names: Sue Davison, Mike Davison, Wayne Ferguson, Peter Caust, Helena Saj Rynes, Judy Underwood, Lyn Hollow, Helen McCormack, Alana Mellor

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TR 00016


Article "Experiencing the Sturt Highway" by Ray Schilling, Country Superintendent for St John's Ambulance re. a trip taken in May 1980 from Adelaide to Alice Springs and return, in wet conditions, the Stuart Highway at that time being most unsealed. Mentions; Glen Woods (Adelaide), Norm Lockhart (Co driver), Bill McDougall (Coober Pedy), Greg Oakley (Marla), Brian Males (Alice Springs) TR 00016

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'Why the Drive-in Prices Must Go Up?' Opal Chips June 1984 Drive-in and Drive-in Canteen main sources of money for Progress Association which was spent on infrastructure, road & saltwater pipeline maintenance, public toilets and administration

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Article "After the cameras roll there's another role.... " re  school classes attended by the stars of "Fire in the Stone"

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Advertiser article "Coober Pedy:charity is not enough" 30-8-1980 re. impact of television's introduction to Coober Pedy Mentions; Neville Hyatt (Progress & Miners Ass president), Kevin Dowling (local pharmacist), Mr Hill (State Local Government Minister), Mrs Dee Atkinson, Richard Russell ( Port Augusta pilot) GI 90022    

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Articles on the construction of the Coober Pedy Hospital, pages 6 & 7  -"AUSTRALIAN HOSPITAL' November 1982 "Solid construction defies traditional Coober Pedy trends" "Unique concept for hospital in the Outback" by Ian Hammond Mentions design architects, Berry Polomka Riches and Gilbert HP 00019

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'Drink killing us - Aboriginal,' by Ian Richards, Advertiser Sept/Oct 1981 Barney Lennon, manager of WOMA program 'Advice...by George,' by Ian Richards, Advertiser Oct 1981 George Cooley. Aboriginal community advisor

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GI 90021


GI 90021 'Radiation Checks Carried Out,' Coober Pedy Times  July 1984, pp 1-3 Concerns over radiation levels of buildings, vehicles, appliances and the school bulldozer that were acquired at the Maralinga test site

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