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Article CPT  December 1988 " Opal Industry 1984-1986" Survey results on Opal Mining Industry in Coober Pedy, Mintabie, Andamooka and other fields Gives numbers of miners, equipment used, production and cost of production

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Article Coober Pedy Times 18-7-1990 "Record Find" Mentioned: Two large opals mined on Jupiter Field in July 1989, one named Jupiter-Five, the other named Persephone. Opal expert Stuart Jackson wrote descriptions

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Article CPT 3rd May 1089 "General Election Candidates Saturday 6th May 1989" Mayoral Candidates : Eric Malliotis, John Smith, John Thrower General Election Candidates : Alex Geiger, Trevor McLeod, Ailsia Litchfield, Boro Rapaic, Marcia Lewis, Rodney Scott, Richard Eaton, Jonathon James, Gaye McLeod, Kypros Pantelis, John Papadopoulos, Ivan Milobara, Dulcie Szabo, Arthur Gouletsas. Ivan Vanajek, Anita Tsamtsikas, Peter Bruhns, Carmelo Crisa Also mentioned: Carrie Motley, Anne Vanajek CA 00010

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Article  "Farewell to Con" CPT September 1988 p37 Tells of the life of Con Stingas, in Greece during WW II and of his life in Australia, coming to Coober Pedy in the 1960's. Stingas Road on the Flat is named after him. Actual name according to cemetery records is Konstantine Stiggas

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SH 00029 Article "Teaching in Coober Pedy" from SA Teachers Journal 15 April 1981 Mentions: Fay Stevens, Alana Mellor, Malcolm Lowrey, Peter Caust, Dave Winters, Anne Papadopoulos, Cyril Tindall, Chris Fitzpatrick, Anne Johnson, Sue Davison, Rowie Cowan

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SH 00027 Program for Coober Pedy area school 1986 Silver Jubilee Open Night  

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Article "Bloody Hell" , People Magazine  by Paul Mann June 20 1983 Tells about the violence in Coober Pedy  in the 1980's Mentions  Alex Anisimoff, Stojan Solar, Crocodile Harry GI 90025

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Yolanda Szuk working on mining ladders manufactured in the Szuk Engineering workshop on Hutchison Street. Yolanda worked with her husband Kalman in the workshop. Yolanda and Kalman moved from Whyalla to Andamooka in the early 1960's where Kalman started  manufacturing mining ladders and reinforced mining buckets as well as mining himself In 1973 they moved to Coober Pedy, where they lived in front of their workshop, Szuk Engineering, on Hutchison Street, now the Tyre Centre. Szuk's Engineering Shop was well known for their trade in sharpening picks, tungsten tipped augers, mining ladders, reinforced mining buckets, tumblers, reinforced blower pipes as well [...]

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Article "Jack Norton revisits" CPT June 1987  by Peter Caust Re. visit to Coober Pedy by George Robert "Jack" Norton after almost 70 years. Jack stayed with Len & Judy Absalom. Jack recalled how he and Archie Burnett drove the first vehicle a Ford, from William Creek to Coober Pedy in 1918 starting a freight and passenger service. The miners called it "Wilful Murder" Also mentioned: Doug McDouall, Sam Ervine and Tom Brady  

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