CO 00064


Traces Restaurant by Merv Richards Coober Pedy Times 6/5/98 Photo:  Thelma & Jimmy with group of customers

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GI 11013


The Good Weekend magazine in The Age "A Rock and a Hard Place" 13/3/1999. Stories by Steve Egeraria , Dean Clee, Joseph Kristo, Damir Adlaf, Sakib Sarajlic, Thelma Bekiaris, Lydia Grava, and Maria and David Westneat.

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GI 11046


'Gelignite explosion destroys courthouse,' The News 11/10/91

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PW 00015


  'Opal Town Propelling into its Future,' by Peter Hackett photos Steve Morenos, Advertiser 18/5/91 Wind turbine Quotes: Peter Tsiros and Mines & Energy spokesman Klunder

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GI 11045


  GI 11045 'Cavewomen of Coober Pedy,' by Abigail Haworth, photos Joan Klatchko, magazine 1990's Stories and photos:  Sarah & Chris Orloff and Val & Deane Clee

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BI 00089 3


  'Jimmy Gives new meaning to eat my dust,' by Sylvia Kriven, Advertiser 20/10/90 Jimmy (The Runner) Nikoloudis

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GI 11042


'Outback Mayor is no Quitter,' by Peter Hackett, Advertiser 18/2/92 Eric Malliotis

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