CO 00082


Article CPT 25/4/1990 "The Diggers Dream" An underground home open to tourists owned by Tony and Hannah Berta, managed by daughter Lesley  

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GI 11049


Obituary: Pasqualina (Pat) Campagna,  Died 10th May 1990 Coober Pedy Times 6-6-1990 page 7 Mentions: Husband Tom, children Ricky and Laura, sister Joyce, Pastor Deane Clee  

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CA 00002


Document - Explanatory Notes  on the Referendum held by Council on 7-4-1990. Referendum concerned the possible development of 1. The Triangle  2. The Old Water Conservation Reserve  3. The Jewellers Shop CA 00002

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PW 00024


Coober Pedy first Telephone Exchange before Telstra took over 1995

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TO 00041


The Story of Opal And Coober Pedy from the Old Timers Mine Educational Supplement No 1 Prepared by K & I Crilly 1991 TO 00041  

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GI 11048


30 Years after Student Bus Crash near Coober Pedy, Survivors Plan Documentary, Coober Pedy Regional Times, 23/6/23 45 students and 4 teachers from Mount Lilydale Mercy College were on board. Local responders included Andy Sheils (pictured), Janet Brewer, Veronika Witham, Nora McDonald, Lloyd Hetzel, and Grant Drummond.

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CO 00077


Article "Comings & Goings" CPT 24-10-1990 Mentions long term residents Demos & Tasula Tsakiridis and their daughters Sussan & Olga on  leaving Coober Pedy. Demos had lived in Coober Pedy for 21 years, taking ownership of  CPS store on 29th June 1969. Olga & Demos Tsakarikis pictured Also mentions the new co-owners of Caltex Coober Pedy Roadhouse, John & Connie Zarpas, along with Tony & Vickie Zarpas Pictured are John & Vickie Zarpas with their children Peter, Nick and Tanya

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CO 00076


Article "The Opal Cutter" CPT 21-11-1990 Features Piet & Barbara Lamont in their new shop "The Opal Cutter" located in the Desert Cave Shopping gallery

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CO 00075


Article "Double J Designs" CPT 24-10-1990 Re Jill Johnson & Judy James of Double J Designs at an exhibition of their work titled "Lizard Landscapes & Outback Images"

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CO 00074


Article "Unique Underground Potteries" - CPT 21-3-1990 Re Peter & Konnie Rowe's Pottery with photos and son Derek

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