LA 00029


Article "When the law comes to town" re Andrew Cannon holding court at Seven Water Holes, Lambina.  Weekend Australian Magazine Aug 2002

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HS 00097


HS 00097 Mintabie Opal Fields Phone Book 2008, courtesy of Studio 8

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HS 00012


Coober Pedy Regional Phonebook 2002/2003 Prepared and printed by the Coober Pedy Hospital Auxiliary

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BI 00037 2


article "Man who deals in world of wonder" from The Advertiser 6th Oct 2004 re Yanni Athanasiadis' opal business

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SP 00007


Coober Pedy Race programme 38th Annual Race Meeting and Gymkhana 4th - 5th August 2007 click to view SP 00007  

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SP 00005


Article "Do come but no thongs, old chap" Sunday Mail October 30 2005 re. Coober Pedy Golf Club's reciprical rights with St Andrews Golf Club. mentions Jack Nicklaus, Prince Andrew, George Bush senior and Michael Douglas of St Andrews Club Kim Kelly, Don Nottle, Stuart Jackson, Bob Markovic and Damien Geyer from the Coober Pedy Golf Club  

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SP 00006


Article -  "Outback - Sporting chance for youth - Opal town's gem with a difference" re official opening of the United Bowling & Sporting Ass at the former United Yugoslavian Australian Ass. Mentioned: Boro & Robyn Rapaic, Lyn Breuer, Barry & Tina Wakelin, Trevor McCleod

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RH 00032


Prominent Hill Progress - 1 Year On, Special Edition brochure Oct 2007 click to view article

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