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Article  "We'd really love to see you in Coober, cobber", by Valerina Changarathil from The Advertiser May 16 2015. Written in the year of Coober Pedy's centenary, the  Mayor, Steve Staines tells of the opportunities and challenges of the town

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GI-13008 Article "Coober Pedy 5723" from the Weekend Australia Magazine 16/17 May 2015 Mentions Dave Sawyer (Swampy)

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Article "An Outback Gem"  Australian Geographic November-December 2012 Story by Quentin Chester - Photography by Vincent Long "Once famed for its dugouts and abundance of opals, Coober Pedy is today rich in other gems:  culturally diverse folk who keep the spirit of the outback frontier town alive." Mentions George Kountouris, Vince Crisa, Tom and Mary's Taverna, Mila Kovacek, Steve Baines, Wayne Borrett, Pete Murray, Chris Warrior, Katrina Williams, Shanaka Hewage, Susie Crisa, Dean Walker, Greg Carrol, Marcus Hammermeister, Keith & Shirley Wreford, Pastor Deane Clee, Debbie Clee, Lionel & Carol Jones, Val & Colin Palmer GI 13007

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2010 0024


Desert Traders Mobil Garage on Umoona Road, owned by Andy Swaitek, 2010 More recently owned by Umoona Community

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2010 0023


Underground Book Shop and Lin Andrews Real Estate office on Post Office Hill Road, 2010

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2010 0022


Caltex Service Station 2010, owned by the Pantellis family More recently became Shell Service Station

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2010 0021


Healthcare and Gifts Shop on left, owned by Ruth and Dr Kamitakahara. Was closed in 2010 Later this site became "Waffles and Gems"  

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2010 0020


Empty block on the corner of Umoona Road and Hutchison Street 2010 This block later became the site of the Umoona Drug and Alcohol Centre

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2010 0019


Opal Shop on Hutchison Street 2010 Previously was an opal shop owned by Colin Williams and originally a fish cafe owned by Eric Malliotis  

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