RH 00049


"31st October Deadline for Submissions to Save Mintabie," letter by Arek Varjabedian, CPRT 18/10/18 Mentions Eileen Hooper, Graeme Gunn 2009 APY - Mintabie Amended Legislation 2009 Land Claim  

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2013 0009


Italian Club 50th Anniversary Early Italian Club members present included Vince Malugani, Gino Colicci, Jenny Gough, Frank Pagnani, Guerino Trevisan, Guy Foley,  Pietro Trevisan and Bob del Tedesco  

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2013 0007


Pietro and Guerrino Trevisan, founding members of the first Italian Club

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2012 0006


Tony Wong presents the Ladies Bracelet at the Coober Pedy Amateur Race Club races 2012.

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CE 00024


CE 00024 Centenary 2015 Welcome Back to Coober Pedy, article written for the CPRT Mentioned are Dag Johnson, Peter Edwards

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AM 00014


CPRT's article "Future looking bright for Coober Pedy Drive-In" 12/2/2015 re first screening at Drive-In on 21st February using the new digital projector Mentioned: Christopher Sturgeon (from Edge Digital Technology) and Steve Staines (Chairperson of the Drive-In) click to view article

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