1965 0024


Stuart Highway after flood, 1965

1965 00242018-04-20T04:47:35+09:30

1965 0023


Main Stuart Highway after rain, 1965

1965 00232018-04-20T04:47:34+09:30

1965 0019


The 1st Official Police Vehicle (c 1965) with long range Radio aerial on front of vehicle operated by First Class Constable Eric 'Dusty' Rhodes

1965 00192018-04-20T04:47:33+09:30

1965 0015


removing jail cell - the Lock Up - from its original location near the Aboriginal Reserve (now known as Umoona) to police station (2)

1965 00152019-02-03T04:56:00+10:30

1965 0010


Official opening of the Coober Pedy Hospital

1965 00102018-04-20T04:47:31+09:30

1965 0007


dugout entrance, Post Office Hill

1965 00072018-04-20T04:47:30+09:30

1965 0008


dugout entrance & shower, 1965 This property was owned by an eccentric local resident who didn't trust the PMG so he used pigeons to fly correspondence to Adelaide. The pigeon loft is on stilts. The pipe for the water tank ran to his bathroom/shower. As the water travelled through the pipe it was heated by the sun - instant free hot water.

1965 00082018-04-20T04:47:30+09:30
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