GI 90020


  'Outback, on a Rebel revel,' by David Baker, Australasian Post 22/8/85 Article about Rebel Air Tours mentions Robert Coro with story and photos of Crocodile Harry.

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CO 00056


  'Underground Outback,' by Maxwell Whiting, Advertiser 14/8/76 Mentions: Umoona Opal Mine, Opal Cave, Robin Williams, Ron Eglinton

CO 000562021-09-04T12:23:02+09:30

PW 00015


  'Opal Town Propelling into its Future,' by Peter Hackett photos Steve Morenos, Advertiser 18/5/91 Wind turbine Quotes: Peter Tsiros and Mines & Energy spokesman Klunder

PW 000152021-09-02T08:10:27+09:30

GI 11045


  GI 11045 'Cavewomen of Coober Pedy,' by Abigail Haworth, photos Joan Klatchko, magazine 1990's Stories and photos:  Sarah & Chris Orloff and Val & Deane Clee

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GI 90017


'A Town of Good Fortune,' by Jack Kinson, photos by Ian Baker, Australasian Post 16/6/83 Mentions June Herr, Faye & Lenn Butts, Neville Hyatt, Nicholas Evangelou, Sgt Lionel Capper

GI 900172021-08-31T04:44:34+09:30

GI 90011


  'Children in Isolation,' by Geoffrey Kenihan, Advertiser 8/4/89 Need for childcare centre Mentions:  Meridith Gordon, Tanya Wolf, Helena Dimitriou and their children

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CA 00007


Unsuccessful initiatives of new council 'Back to Dug-out for Aged,' by David Mussared, Advertiser 26/3/87 Mention:  Bob Britain 'Coober Pedy May Have a Dry Area,' Advertiser 27/5/87 Mentions:  John Thrower, Neville Hyatt 'Town Seeking Spare $60,000,' Advertiser 28/1/87 Mentions:  John Thrower, Vicki McCormack, Mandy Sparrow 'Coober Pedy Recreation Park Knocked on the Head,' Advertiser 5/2/87 Mention:  John Thrower

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CA 00006


'Coober Pedy Officially in the Outback,' by Sylvia Kriven Advertiser 27/1/87 Mentions include: John Thrower, Member for Eyre Gunn, Vicki McCormack, Mandy Sparrow, Gus Arthur 'First Mayor Strides into New Role with Relish'  

CA 000062021-08-28T13:29:15+09:30

CA 00005


''Coober Pedy People to Vote Today on Local Council Issue,' by Kristen John, Advertiser 4/7/86 Mention:  John Thrower 'Opal Town Rejects Council,' by Kristen John, Advertiser 26/7/86 Mention:  John Thrower 'Opal Town to be Run by New Council,' by Jenny Shearer, 7/12/86 Mentions:  John Thrower, John Smith, Frank Penisi, Geoff Ferguson, Peter Chrisakis, Seiglinde Bruhns, Peter Bruhns, Boro Rapaic, Slavco Marjanovic, Athanasios Gouletsas, Peter Damien Schar, Ralph Adamo    

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BI 00089 3


  'Jimmy Gives new meaning to eat my dust,' by Sylvia Kriven, Advertiser 20/10/90 Jimmy (The Runner) Nikoloudis

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