1956 0119


Early diggings on main opal flat, taken from the end of the built-up area

1956 01192018-04-20T04:46:00+09:30

1956 0117


One of the 2 beds in Hester's White Hill dugout

1956 01172018-04-20T04:45:59+09:30

1956 0118


Old diggings on main opal flat

1956 01182022-01-18T20:14:20+10:30

1956 0116


Dugout interior, visitor and fireplace in Hester's dugout White Hill, 1956

1956 01162018-04-20T04:45:59+09:30

1956 0114


View from Hester's White Hill dugout across Jeweller's Shop with Aboriginal wurlies and camps

1956 01142018-04-20T04:45:58+09:30

1956 0113


Jim Hester's dugout in White Hill, 1956, with Rex, a travelling companion at entrance Note the firewood gathered from the 4 Mile.

1956 01132018-04-20T04:45:58+09:30

1956 0110


Dugout where Jim Hester stayed on north side of White Hill with his blue vehicle near the entrance Jewellers Shop field on left, Underground Water Tank right of centre behind and to the right of White Hill is the top of the hill where Charlie and Tottie Bryant lived, in a direct line from the vehicle

1956 01102018-06-05T05:24:44+09:30

1956 0109


Brewster's, Opal Store & Flying Doctor Aerial

1956 01092018-04-20T04:45:56+09:30

1956 0108


Brewsters Store

1956 01082018-06-03T01:02:59+09:30
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