1982 0008


Hellas Soccer Association, Jimmy Nikoloudis president

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1980 0112


Runners coached by Jimmy Nikoloudis late 1970's to early 1980's

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1993 0100


Detonators - Coober Pedy's first football team Technical Coach - Paul Roberts Fitness Coach - Jimmy Nikoloudis Kids - Simon and Bradley McLeod Team included Robin Walker, Sandy Maric, Russell Taylor, John Kiosis, Jerry Asimatis, Craig Dudley, Stojan Rapaic, Marc Blobel Photo taken at Roxby Downs c1993

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1992 0099


Glendi Jimmy Nikoloudis taught the police and other non-Greek community groups how to do Greek dancing

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1990 0102


Cross on Olympic Field marks the site of the cave -in that killed 3 Greek miners in 1980.  They  were Yanni Vosvouris (Big John), Nick Nathanael and Gregory Digaletos. This site was the starting point for the annual Opal Festival opening.   Jimmy the Runner opened the festival with an opal he carried from here to the starting ceremony.

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