OB 00019


Holy Bible, presented to Anna Coluccello on becoming an Australian Citizen 9/5/1968 Inscription inside front cover reads: "To commemorate your acceptance as an Australian Citizen From the Coober Pedy Progress Association Incorporated R Ayton (President) K Skinner (Secretary) 9.5.68 "

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BK 00050


A Guide to Australian Precious Opal, Douglas Stone & Robert Butt

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BK 00049


Traeger the Pedal Radio Man, McKay

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BK 00047


Australian Opals in Colour, Perry

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BK 00048


Fortunes from the Lost Sea, Aracic

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BK 00046


Safety in Opal Mining, Provatidis

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BK 00044


Horrie Simpsons Oodnadatta, by Horrie Simpson, edited by John Dallwitz

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BK 00041


In Search of Opal, Kalokerinos This book written by Dr Archie Kalokerinos tells about when he took a break from his medical practice and came to Coober Pedy to mine opal in the 1960's.

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BK 00040


"Wilful Murder in the Outback"by Arch Burnett This book tells about the first mail contract held by Jack Norton and Arch Burnett and the car named 'Wilful Murder' that they used to carry passengers, goods and the mail from the train.

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BK 00024


Jargodin the Moonlighter, Jim Ranie

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