BK 00101


Walkabout by Charles & Elsa Chauvel, W H Allen, 1959

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2013 0009


Italian Club 50th Anniversary Early Italian Club members present included Vince Malugani, Gino Colicci, Jenny Gough, Frank Pagnani, Guerino Trevisan, Guy Foley,  Pietro Trevisan and Bob del Tedesco  

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2013 0008


Italian Club 50th Anniversary Pietro Trevisan holding membership card #1, founding member of the first Italian Club located in Jewellers Shop 1963 to 1968.      

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BK 00098


Opal Dreaming A Short History of Coober Pedy by Sue Britt

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BI 00082 5


BI 00082 5 Murray Joynt Death Notice posted in Coober Pedy with photo

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