1983 0012


Tom Ryan visiting Coober Pedy in 1983. Tom and his brother Jerry, a brother-in-law Joe Marron and an uncle Mick Ryan came to Coober Pedy in 1930. They were the first deep shaft diggers. The Ryans and Joe Marron came from Hawker in their nearly new Chevrolet truck with three 44-gallon drums of petrol, a 25-gallon camel drum of water and enough non-perishable food to last them 6 months. The 500-mile trip took 4 days over the rough and winding track. Unfortunately there were no buyers on the field at the time except for Ernie Reneke whose limit was 50. After [...]

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1930 0079


Tom Ryan and other miners relaxing at lunch time, Ryan's Hill

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1930 0078


View of Tom Ryan's claim

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1930 0077


Post Office Hill

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1930 0052


Man in front of Tom Ryan's dugout and motor garage

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1930 0053


Tom Ryan & partners' dugout/camp at P O Hill

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1930 0051


Tom Ryan & partners' dugout/camp at P O Hill. Tom Ryan, 2nd from right.

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1930 0048


Tom Ryan & party on dump of 1st shaft on Ryan's Hill , November 1930 From left to right (top) Joe Marron, Len Pfitzner, Bill Anderson, Tom Ryan, Mick Ryan Centre Kingham Bottom Jack Maher, "Stepper" Pfitzner

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