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The Wide World magazine March 1937 Contains part 1 of "The girl opal-miner" by Minnie Berrington p444 - 455

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'Nursing in the Desert Oodnadatta, Australia 1919' by Heatherann Bullen ISBN: 978-0-6485384-0-0 Tells of the Influenza Pandemic in Oodnadatta in 1919 and the role played by her grandparents, Rev. Coledge Harland and AIM Sister Jean Williamson. Mentions Fred Ah Chee, Alex Aboriginal assistant), Rev Amour, George Anderson, Annie, Lotto Betts, Tom Brady, Joe Braedon, Charlie Brown, Joe Brown, Edward Chong (Ned), Minnie Chong (Ah Chee),Tom Cleary, Miriam Dadleh, Reg Dodd, Tommy O'Donoghue, Ralph Drummond, Jean Finlayson, Charles Fleming, John Flynn, Harry Gepp, Dick Gillen, Bertram Hadaway, Alfred Harland, Cecelia Harland, Bully Harvey, Mary-Ann Harvey, Norman Jones, Leo Kelly, Sister Kelly, Ernie [...]

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E.O.Hoppe's Australia Edited by Graham Howe Assay by Erika Esau and Graham Howe

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ICI - Handbook of Blasting Tables Metric Edition - 1977 Compiled from various sources by the Technical Staff of ICI Australia Ltd Explosives Division

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Walkabout by Charles & Elsa Chauvel, W H Allen, 1959

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Book "They Struck Opal" by E.F. Murphy "Tales of men and mines in the heyday of Australian Opal" Ted Murphy wrote about his life from when he left school in 1875 to work on a station on the Murrumbidgee River then to stations further outback. His first mining venture was for gold at Mt Brown and Milparinka then was in Wilcannia running  a General Store at the end of 1889, at the time when Alf Richardson, Charlie Turner, George Hooley and W.H. Clouston arrived at Wilcannia to secure rights to mine for opal on Momba Station (which became the White Cliffs [...]

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Opal Hunters The Bartrams on the Opal Fields 1936-2021 by Donald Bartram Covers opal mining in Andamooka by the Bartram family from the first visit by Walter Bartram in 1936, to Coober Pedy in the mid 1940's, to Glengarry in the 1970's, White Cliffs and Purnunga in the 1980's then back to Coober Pedy in 2016.  

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Opal Dreaming A Short History of Coober Pedy by Sue Britt

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"South Australian Scrapbook" - Glimpses of Colourful People and Events by South Australian Writers Fellowship Page 152 - 'No Empty Desert' by Rhonda Traeger Contains extracts from Pastor Fred Traeger's Journal c.1959

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" Australia the big sky country"  by Coralie & Leslie Rees Chapter 3 - Opal Gougers of Coober Pedy page 16 Mentions Bert Wilson, Ettie Hall, Hilda Kent, Reg & Andy Carlaw, Don Field, Tottie & Charlie Bryant, c.1960

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