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Book "Opals - The Beautiful Gem Of Passion" By Len Cram Mentions Nikola Kolic - Opal Buyer & Wholesale Lightning Ridge

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Holy Bible, presented to Anna Coluccello on becoming an Australian Citizen 9/5/1968 Inscription inside front cover reads: "To commemorate your acceptance as an Australian Citizen From the Coober Pedy Progress Association Incorporated R Ayton (President) K Skinner (Secretary) 9.5.68 "

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"Finding Ullagundahi Island" by Fabienne Bayet-Charlton "A story of family, place and belonging"

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Coober Pedy Area School Magazine 1975 Mentions : Principal Norm Golding, Mrs Barbara McCormack, LynnWirth, Nina Jensen, Editor Bob Burton and Sub Editor Paul Williams

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1991 Coober Pedy Area School Magazine Mentioned on the first pages: The Editorial Committee Laura Wilson, Analisa Marijonivic, Anna Beinke, Jane Priest, Teachers Lyndal Pryce,Rebecca Bach, Robert Pryce, Fiona Ratcliffe, Kerrie Prescott-Prime, School Principal John Hannath, School Council Chairperson Patrick Kelly

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1974 Coober Pedy Area School Magazine "among the mini people" Mentioned on the first page: Editor Chris Titheradge, School Principal Craig Cameron, Typist Jennie McLean, Teachers Tony Howard, Norm Golding and Paul Williams

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The Wide World magazine March 1937 Contains part 1 of "The girl opal-miner" by Minnie Berrington p444 - 455

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'Nursing in the Desert Oodnadatta, Australia 1919' by Heatherann Bullen ISBN: 978-0-6485384-0-0 Tells of the Influenza Pandemic in Oodnadatta in 1919 and the role played by her grandparents, Rev. Coledge Harland and AIM Sister Jean Williamson. Mentions Fred Ah Chee, Alex Aboriginal assistant), Rev Amour, George Anderson, Annie, Lotto Betts, Tom Brady, Joe Braedon, Charlie Brown, Joe Brown, Edward Chong (Ned), Minnie Chong (Ah Chee),Tom Cleary, Miriam Dadleh, Reg Dodd, Tommy O'Donoghue, Ralph Drummond, Jean Finlayson, Charles Fleming, John Flynn, Harry Gepp, Dick Gillen, Bertram Hadaway, Alfred Harland, Cecelia Harland, Bully Harvey, Mary-Ann Harvey, Norman Jones, Leo Kelly, Sister Kelly, Ernie [...]

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E.O.Hoppe's Australia Edited by Graham Howe Assay by Erika Esau and Graham Howe

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ICI - Handbook of Blasting Tables Metric Edition - 1977 Compiled from various sources by the Technical Staff of ICI Australia Ltd Explosives Division

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