CO 00066


Coober Pedy Unique Underground Potteries brochure Mentions Peter and Konnie Rowe

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TO 00039


Side 2 of a Tourist Information brochure c.1990 Showing map with places of interest and listing all Coober Pedy Retail Business & Trade Association members Side 1 is TO 00038 TO 00039

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TO 00038


Side 1 of a Tourist Information brochure  which provided  a broad overview of what the town had to offer c.1990 Contained information about opal formation, cut opal stones, accomodation, restaurants, tours, historical facts, things to see around Coober Pedy, the Breakaways. Side 2 of brochure is TO 00039   TO 00038

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TO 00036


The Prospector's Opal Tours brochure George & Clair van Brugge

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TO 00035


Big Winch information brochure Gabriele and Claus Wirries

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