TO 00041


The Story of Opal And Coober Pedy from the Old Timers Mine Educational Supplement No 1 Prepared by K & I Crilly 1991 TO 00041  

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GI 90025


Article "Bloody Hell" , People Magazine  by Paul Mann June 20 1983 Tells about the violence in Coober Pedy  in the 1980's Mentions  Alex Anisimoff, Stojan Solar, Crocodile Harry GI 90025

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TR 00020


TR 00020 "Nullarbor Lifeline: Tea and Sugar Train - 1912 - 1996" by Kay Merry, History Matters, Vol 13 Number 1 February 2003  

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BU 00009


Lutheran Hall from Maralinga by Kevin Schrapel BU 00009

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BU 00008


BU 00008 Old Town Hall from Maralinga by Sue Britt Mentioned Kevin Schrapel, Albert McCormack, Blain Leo, Tim Froling

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HS 00105


Coober Pedy residents 1934 - 1970 (alternate years) Listed in the SandsMcDougall SA Directory HS 00105

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GI 40020


Article "Australia's Opal Fields" - Walkabout January 1st 1935 by Charles Henry "Visits to the white cave-dwellers of Coober Pedy and the black opal fields of Lightning Ridge." with photos Mentioned: Opal buyer Percy Marks GI 40020

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GI 13007


Article "An Outback Gem"  Australian Geographic November-December 2012 Story by Quentin Chester - Photography by Vincent Long "Once famed for its dugouts and abundance of opals, Coober Pedy is today rich in other gems:  culturally diverse folk who keep the spirit of the outback frontier town alive." Mentions George Kountouris, Vince Crisa, Tom and Mary's Taverna, Mila Kovacek, Steve Baines, Wayne Borrett, Pete Murray, Chris Warrior, Katrina Williams, Shanaka Hewage, Susie Crisa, Dean Walker, Greg Carrol, Marcus Hammermeister, Keith & Shirley Wreford, Pastor Deane Clee, Debbie Clee, Lionel & Carol Jones, Val & Colin Palmer GI 13007

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RH 00056


RH 00056 Memories of Mirikata Blue Steel Trials South Australia 1957 – 1965, The BS 2001 Reunion Committee Compiled and Edited in Adelaide by Bryan Wetton and Gordon Meopham October 2001 Our Web Site South Australian Blue Steel Trials 1958-1965 at Mentions stations:  McDouall Peak, the Twins, Mt Eba, Bulgunnia, Bon Bon & Ingomar and Wayne & Sharon Rankin of Twins, the Governor of South Australia, Lieutenant-General Sir Edric Bastyan and Lady Bastyan  

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