CA 00002


Document - Explanatory Notes  on the Referendum held by Council on 7-4-1990. Referendum concerned the possible development of 1. The Triangle  2. The Old Water Conservation Reserve  3. The Jewellers Shop CA 00002

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HS 00106


Article  "Farewell to Con" CPT September 1988 p37 Tells of the life of Con Stingas, in Greece during WW II and of his life in Australia, coming to Coober Pedy in the 1960's. Stingas Road on the Flat is named after him.

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RH 00057


Article CPT August 1988 p 13 "'Vale' Pec" by Robyn Greenwood. "With the death of  Jaroslav Edward Pecanek on July 15th 1988, the north has lost one of its great characters." Mentions that "Pec" and his wife Jindra fled the communist regime of Czechoslovakia in 1949, then their early years in Australia, arriving in Oodnadatta in February 1960 where he had purchased the store which was the family business for the next 24 years. Also mentions his sons Henry and Peter, his contract with the French Petroleum Oil Co to construct a road across the Simpson desert now known as the "French [...]

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GI 70045


GI 70045   Geoff Byrnes' recollections of the summer of 1959-1960. Mentions Donald, Beverly and Michael Byrnes, the Kempe family at Macumba and Dick Nunn at Anna Creek

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ME 00012


Article "From the Archives"  from The Real Australian  Winter Edition 2023 p 26-27 Written by Anne Ranse nee Dau. An account of the Bush Church Aid service at Coober Pedy Medical Centre 1969-1972

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CH 00050


CH 00050 The Opening & Blessing of the Catacomb Church of Coober Pedy 11 June 1977 The Anglican Bishop of Willochra Bishop Bruce Rosier Mentioned: Kerry Medway, Albert McCormack, Arnold McCormack, Kevin & Raelene Hull, Helen McCormack, Phil Olsson, Estelle Olsson, Sigi Plessing, Vicki McCormack, Robin Williams, Diedre McCormack, Julieanne Medway.

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SH 00028


SH 00028 Program for Carols by Candle Light published by Coober Pedy Area School

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SH 00027


SH 00027 Program for Coober Pedy area school 1986 Silver Jubilee Open Night  

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