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Letter by MA Harcourt (Halliday) seeking confirmation of identity of one of first Police men, Ted Ridge. Other letters by Inspector Alf Laslett and Senior Sergeant Phil Hanley

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'A Knight of the Road,' photo by Yolanda Szuk, Post 2/1/86

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'Mr President, here's an update on Eric,' Advertiser 21/1/89 Eric Malliotis background story by his sister

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BI 00034 39"Yuletide at Coober Pedy," letter by Puggy (Minnie Berrington pseudonym), Adelaide Chronicle 8 Dec 1932

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Adelina Comacchio wrote her husband Giorgio's story from his point of view.  Ted Comacchio was Georgio's partner.  They bought their dugout from Ron Ayton.  Also mentioned were Oreste Costa, Giuseppi Rigoni & Gino Basso. Adelina and Georgio are pictured at the entrance to their home. BI 00106

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Envelope and 4 page letter sent from Postmaster Alf North to Jean West in New Zealand on 21/6/1939, telling her about Coober Pedy, his work and the effects of the 20 inches of rain that fallen since December 1937 Donated by Colin & Dianne Murphy click to view article    

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Envelope and letter sent from  Postmaster Alf North to Jean West in New Zealand on 11/2/1939, acknowledging her letter requesting Coober Pedy Post Office Covers Donated by Colin & Dianne Murphy Click here to view letter  

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Copy of PMG Dept letter re naming 8.7.1920 NAA Document Inspector A W White records the receipt of a submission from the residents of the field that the post office be named Coober Pedy. "an aboriginal term meaning white man in a hole." He states that decision regarding the name will facilitate the opening of the post office.

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