RH 00054


RH 00054 "Why has Mintabie been left to Rot?" by Riley Walter, photos by Simon Cross and Tom Huntley, The Advertiser, 19/11/22 Traditional Owners Want Answers over Trashed Opal Mecca Pictures of Ivanka and Luka Sumanovic, Karina Lester

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RH 00053


RH 00053 "My Town in Ruins," by Riley Walter, pictures by Simon Cross, SA Weekend, The Advertiser November 19-20, 2022 Mintabie Pictures of Kevin Davies, Jamie Wilson and Christine Watkinson, destroyed buildings

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BI 00012 22


Article "Bepi Coro - The heart of Coober Pedy" - The Advertiser 13/12-/986 by Nigel Hopkins. re. Guiseppi (Bepi) Coro's start in Australia as a camel driver in the Harts Range NT, then owner of the Mines Store in Coober Pedy. Also mentioned: brothers Atillio (Tillio)and Umberto (Bob) and nephew Robert (Rob) BI 00012 22

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GI 70043


Article from a magazine re Australian "Coat of Arms" made on a hillside by Steve Matusiak

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PW 00022


PW 00022 Wind Power by Nancy Dold, Coober Pedy Times 27th March 1991 Installation of the Nordex Wind Turbine Generator began on 11th March 1991 Photos by Todd Arthur

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GI 90023


Country Connection article "Destinations - A great year for fossickers" by Doreen Chamberlain - July-September 1989 (Inflight with Kendall Airlines magazine) Includes advertisements mentioning "Toms's Tours", The Big Winch hosted by Gabriele & Claus, "Star Opal" with Robert & Helen McCormack, Umoona Opal Mine & Museum and Opal Motel GI 90023      

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RH 00052


Article  "Glendambo Hotel-Motel Pty Ltd Caravan Park" South Australian Magazine April 1987 re new tourist development at Glendambo after the realignment of the Stuart Highway in 1982, bypassing the township of Kingoonya

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TO 00037


Article "An Australian Record"  from South Australian Magazine (SAM) page 19 April 1987 Mentions Mal Lenthall, a bus driver on the Adelaide -Alice Springs run from 1958 to 1974 and relates some of his experiences.

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TR 00017


Article "A New Era Opens"  from the South Australian Magazine (SAM) April 1987 re the opening of the new sealed Stuart Highway TR 00017

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HP 00021


    The Coober Pedy Hospital, Inc was opened on 8th October 1882 by Minister of Health Mrs Jennifer Adamson.

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