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Coober Pedy News article January 17 2008 "The life and times of Brian Sparrow" -  Obituary by Judy Sparrow Mentions children his Adrian, Stephen, Nigel, Greg, Quentin and Mandi, Mrs Brewster, Jimmy Matthews at Booraloola, Alec & Dora McCleod on Utopia Station, Rose & Mac Chalmers of McDonald Downs Station, Joan Bamforth, Eric Krieg, Eddie Connellan, Pat & Tom Campagna, Ross Chatfield BI 00109 1

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Coober Pedy News article 14/2/2008 "From Small Beginnings - THE EVOLUTION OF THE OME" by Anne Vanajek Tells how some members of the Coober Pedy Miners Association Inc in the late 1980's researched into the formation of an independent association to more cheaply sell products (fuel and explosives) required by the opal mining industry. On June 16 1989. the Opal Miners Enterprise (OME) began trading. CO 00083

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Adelaide Advertiser article WHERE THEY LIVE UNDERGROUND  Coober Pedy and its Opals By C.A.S. Mansbridge 25 November 1939 page 11 Mentions the Mayor George Burford, Storeman Vic Williamson, Mailman Jacob Santing and describes George Burford's dugout GI 40021

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Chronicle Article  10 December 1936 page 34 "Station Padilocks of 120 square miles" written by John Warren. One of a series of articles titled "The Four John Warrens" written by John Warren about life on Anna Creek Station in the 1880's. It begins "This week the writer describes everyday life on Anna Creek Station, some big 'paddocks', the trapping of dingoes, station colt breaking, shearing experiences, and other typical incidents of the outback sheep station". RH 00059

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Eli Christianos - Opal Titan and Industry Legend Passes by George Kountouris, Coober Pedy Regional Times 23-2-24 Photos and mentions: Black Jack Kyriakos, Mario Rocciano, Niko Troupsis, Christian Christianos, Roger Bulovic, Elias Christianos Also mentioned: George and Zoe Christianos

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Article CPT  December 1988 " Opal Industry 1984-1986" Survey results on Opal Mining Industry in Coober Pedy, Mintabie, Andamooka and other fields Gives numbers of miners, equipment used, production and cost of production

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Article Coober Pedy Times 18-7-1990 "Record Find" Mentioned: Two large opals mined on Jupiter Field in July 1989, one named Jupiter-Five, the other named Persephone. Opal expert Stuart Jackson wrote descriptions

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Article CPT 25/4/1990 "The Diggers Dream" An underground home open to tourists owned by Tony and Hannah Berta, managed by daughter Lesley  

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Article CPT 23-5-1990 "TRACES RESTAURANT" Mentions: Proprietors Jimmy and Thelma Bekiaris, friend Bubby, grand-daughter Fiona Joy Amelia

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Obituary: Pasqualina (Pat) Campagna,  Died 10th May 1990 Coober Pedy Times 6-6-1990 page 7 Mentions: Husband Tom, children Ricky and Laura, sister Joyce, Pastor Deane Clee  

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