TO 00032


Picturesque Views of Coober Pedy, SA Picture postcard with views of opal jewellery, opal mining, the Cave of Gems, a typical Coober Pedy dwelling, Bolshevic  Valley, a signpost in Coober Pedy Postcard purchased in Coober Pedy by L McAuliffe on 16-7- 1969 Donated by L McAuliffe TO 00032  

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1939 0075


Postcard - North Series No. 1 caption: Dugout Post Office & P.M. Coober Pedy, South Australia Postmaster Alf North seated outside Post Office. Alf North sent this postcard to Miss Jean West in New Zealand Handwritten on back "Greetings from this unique Outpost - Alfred North PM 1939" Donated by Colin & Dianne Murphy click to view 1939 0075

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CO 00047


Postcard showing the entrance to the Underground Motel and inside one of the bedrooms Built in 1984 by Philip and Elsa Georgiou

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CH 00059


Postcard of the Underground Serbian Orthodox Church, Coober Pedy Top left: Church in the hill Top right: Interior of the Church Bottom left: Iconostasis Bottom right: Window Centre: Saint Prophet Elijah

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CH 00035


Postcard showing the interior of the Catholic Church (prior to extensions)

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TO 00026


Postcard - cartoon on theme of actual slide at Drive-In,"Patrons -Explosives are not to be brought into this theatre"

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