1921 0023

Photo from The Observer – page 23, Saturday 10th December 1921. Page title ‘Lure of the Opal – Novel Village of Coober Pedy’

Photo caption ” The versatile mail coach, carrying eight passengers (the photographer is missing) and a rare assortment of parcels”

“In the heart of the Stuart Range, 170 miles from Kingoonya, on the East West Line, is one of the most primative and novel little villages in Australia. It is called ‘Coober Pedy’, the Aboriginal phrase for ‘white man living in a hole’ and is the home of the South Australian opal. The whole population of between 70 and 80 people live in dugouts on the side of a hill. The opal bearing country may be traced for 40 miles”.

Thought to be “Wilful Murder”

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