1991 0047

Attilio Coro, Miners Store Transport
In 1960, Beppi and Attilio Coro decided to go bush and try their luck at opal mining in Coober Pedy. They were lucky and found opal at 8 Mile, enough to buy the Opal Store, a combined general store, petrol station and post office. This store, comprising two buildings, specialised in a line of indestructible groceries tinned milk, tinned fruit, tinned veg, tinned meat, tinned fish, potatoes, onions, tea, sugar, etc brought by truck from the train at Kingoonya. When the Coro brothers took over, they extended the store and rebuilt the rickety veranda, installed refrigeration and, in 1961, bought a truck. The Miners Store and Miners Transport were up and running with Beppi managing the store and Attilio managing the transport, often driving arduous 8-hour, twice-weekly trips to Kingoonya to get fresh veg & fruit and general supplies.

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