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Kalman and Yolanda Szuk in front of their workshop, Szuk Engineering which had the tail end of a plane “crashed” into its roof.

Yolanda and Kalman moved from Whyalla to Andamooka in the early 1960’s where Kalman started  manufacturing mining ladders and reinforced mining buckets as well as mining himself

In 1973 they moved to Coober Pedy, where they lived in front of their workshop, Szuk Engineering, on Hutchison Street, now the Tyre Centre.

Szuk’s Engineering Shop was well known for their trade in sharpening picks, tungsten tipped augers, mining ladders, reinforced mining buckets, tumblers, reinforced blower pipes as well as general fabrication..

Yolanda became equally proficient in all their work as Kalman

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