BK 00104

‘Nursing in the Desert Oodnadatta, Australia 1919’ by Heatherann Bullen

ISBN: 978-0-6485384-0-0

Tells of the Influenza Pandemic in Oodnadatta in 1919 and the role played by her grandparents, Rev. Coledge Harland and AIM Sister Jean Williamson.

Mentions Fred Ah Chee, Alex Aboriginal assistant), Rev Amour, George Anderson, Annie, Lotto Betts, Tom Brady, Joe Braedon, Charlie Brown, Joe Brown, Edward Chong (Ned), Minnie Chong (Ah Chee),Tom Cleary, Miriam Dadleh, Reg Dodd, Tommy O’Donoghue, Ralph Drummond, Jean Finlayson, Charles Fleming, John Flynn, Harry Gepp, Dick Gillen, Bertram Hadaway, Alfred Harland, Cecelia Harland, Bully Harvey, Mary-Ann Harvey, Norman Jones, Leo Kelly, Sister Kelly, Ernie Kempe, Frederick Kempe, Mrs Khan, Nameth Khan, Minnie Kinmear, Ernest Kramer, Alice ain, Brian Marks, Fred McKay, Mary McKinnon, Jean McLeod, Robert Mitchell, Florence Nightingale, Kinsley Partridge, Bruce Plowman, Jeremy Russell, Smith of Dunesk Mission, Ramsey Smith, Walter Smith, Doreen Stewart, Laurie Stewart, Arthur Lee Wilson Tackaberry, Alex Thompson, Percy Welsh, David Williamson, Emma Williamson, Margaret Williamson.

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