NP 00008

NP 00008

Opal Miners’ Weekly 5/1072

Selected articles, ads, notices

“Shots in the Night” – illegal miners charged in temporary courthouse in Lutheran Church

Kellie Muller – Baby of the Week from Mt Clarence

Rescue Crew is Ready to Help – Mine Rescue Squad mock rescue exercise – mentioned: Bill McDougall, Lee Robins, Dave Genal, Ross McArdle, Tony Lucas, Ted Betteridge, Mal Potter, Darryl Wake, Sid Smart & Roger Wager

Gym Girls – Fund raising social at Opal Hotel to raise money for pre-race meeting cocktail party

“Anything but the Truth” – National news media focus on sensationalism and scandal in opal areas.

Six Shops for Main Street – Tom van Brugge

“Canless Coober?” – fundraising campaign for a swimming pool, headmaster Craig Cameron

“Act Now or War” Illegal mining – warning from Stan Kanopka and Ken Jones

“Safety First Awards Later” First aid certificates – Jenny Rainsford, Gweda McArdle, Bill McDougall, Anthony Lucas, Ted Betteridge and Johns Smith presented by Ross McArdle

“Bell Will Toll for Fr. Cresp” Catholic Church bell from Chinese Presbyterian Church obtained  by Michael Costello and Ansett Airlines

“UFO Left them Spellbound”

“Now, that’s the way to end an argument!” George Papadopoulos, John Roufos and entertainers Mary Poly & George Petrocopoulos

“Does Coober Need a Doctor?” Forum opinions from Inga Fueg & Mrs D Najauer

“There’s No Telly” Faye Nayler, dugouts and camping at Opal Cave

“Dugout Homes Cheap to Run” photos of Faye Nayler’s Opal Cave and Tom van Brugge’s underground home

“Tourists have a Singing Night Out” photo of Ross McArdle and wife

Coober Pedy Tourist Centre articles

P 16 Death of Lionel Brown, 18, struck by a car

Lightning Ridge news pp 15-16

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