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AM 00006 Songs about Coober Pedy written in 1973 by Gary Atkins and David Clark

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CPRT's article "Future looking bright for Coober Pedy Drive-In" 12/2/2015 re first screening at Drive-In on 21st February using the new digital projector Mentioned: Christopher Sturgeon (from Edge Digital Technology) and Steve Staines (Chairperson of the Drive-In) click to view article

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$5 ticket to the Mabel Creek Woolshed Dance held as a fund raiser by the Hospital Auxiliary

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'The Show Goes on' by Nigel Austin, The Advertiser 22.03.2006. Concerning a unique funding programme which allowed the Coober Pedy Drive-in to continue operating, one of three drive-ins remaining in South Australia. click to view article

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Promotional Material re film 'Fire in the Stone' 1980s. Film adaptation of Colin Thiele's book of the same name, was set in Coober Pedy with about 150 local people as extras. The world premier of the film was held in Coober Pedy on 18th September. click to view article

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Who Remembers Val Morgan by Gus Arthur CPT 17-11-93 p7. Article covering some history of the Drive-in when it was proposed to sell off the near derelict projectors. click to view article

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Coober Pedy Times poster for play-"Pieces" 2002 - Tiny Peco productions, an amateur playhouse group, comprised of local talent

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Coober Pedy Drive-In program, July 1981

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