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Lutheran Hall from Maralinga by Kevin Schrapel BU 00009

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BU 00008 Old Town Hall from Maralinga by Sue Britt Mentioned Kevin Schrapel, Albert McCormack, Blain Leo, Tim Froling

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Article - Australia/New Zealand Building Materials  Oct-Nov 1980 - "Dugout is a mansion that grows and grows....Underground" re Mike and Sue Davison's dugout click to view article  

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Australian Home Journal  - Annual 1981 - Article re Mike Davison's dugout construction click to view article

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Weekend Australian article  13-14/7/1996 re dugout for sale for $80,000 - $85,ooo Real Estate Agent, Michael Mance mentioned click to view article  

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Advertiser article 16/2/1998 - In millionaires' row the living is easy - underground Real Estate Agent, Geoff Sykes  mentioned click to view article    

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Booklet 'Coober Pedy Dugouts' written and photographed by the students in Year 11 and 12 of the Coober Pedy Community School c.1983 Students: Debbie Wasrell, Christina Kriticos, Paul Korosec, Stella Gulisano, Carmelo Crisa Teachers: D.C. Rankin, M Davison click to view article

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