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Coober Pedy News article January 17 2008 "The life and times of Brian Sparrow" -  Obituary by Judy Sparrow Mentions children his Adrian, Stephen, Nigel, Greg, Quentin and Mandi, Mrs Brewster, Jimmy Matthews at Booraloola, Alec & Dora McCleod on Utopia Station, Rose & Mac Chalmers of McDonald Downs Station, Joan Bamforth, Eric Krieg, Eddie Connellan, Pat & Tom Campagna, Ross Chatfield BI 00109 1

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Eli Christianos - Opal Titan and Industry Legend Passes by George Kountouris, Coober Pedy Regional Times 23-2-24 Photos and mentions: Black Jack Kyriakos, Mario Rocciano, Niko Troupsis, Christian Christianos, Roger Bulovic, Elias Christianos Also mentioned: George and Zoe Christianos

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Ethel Wilson "The Empress of  Opals," Women's Weekly 7-10-53 by John Fitzgerald

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BI 00006 19 Australian Dictionary of Biography Wollaston, Tullie Cornthwaite (1863 - 1931) by Bernard O'Neil

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BI 00017 7 'I've Lived Underground for 62 Years,' as told to Claudia Siron by Jenny Gough, That's Life, July 2023 Mentions Ron Gough, Cheryl & Robyn, Old Timers Mine

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Condensed biography of Tullie Cornthwaite Wollaston prepared for a presentation on Coober Pedy's first opal buyers BI 00006 18

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Condensed biography of Ernest (Ernie) Sherman prepared for a presentation on Coober Pedy's first opal buyers BI 00088 6

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Condensed biography of Thomas Peter (Tom) Brady, prepared for a presentation about Coober Pedy's first opal buyers BI 00029 10

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Article "Sports at the Opal Fields" - Transcontinental (Port Augusta) 18-10-1940 Re Sports at Andamooka on Eight Hours Day 1940. Main event was race between opal buyers Tom Brady and Bill Francis. Tom Brady won. Also mentioned Mrs Sam Brooks, winner of the race for married women Sourced from Trove BI 00029 8

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