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Article "Bepi Coro - The heart of Coober Pedy" - The Advertiser 13/12-/986 by Nigel Hopkins. re. Guiseppi (Bepi) Coro's start in Australia as a camel driver in the Harts Range NT, then owner of the Mines Store in Coober Pedy. Also mentioned: brothers Atillio (Tillio)and Umberto (Bob) and nephew Robert (Rob) BI 00012 22

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Gus Arthur's contribution to the community recognised by Heather Hannath "A Portrait of Special Memories" and Mark Hoad "And the List Goes On," Coober Pedy Times 20/4/1994

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Gus Arthur Citizen of the Year, by Mark Hoad, Coober Pedy Times 20/4/1994

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  St John Long Service Award to Konnie Rowe Article by Janet Brewer, Coober Pedy Times 07/12/1994 Mentioned - Ted Commachio, Kym Lewcock

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Mary Burnett. Mary raised Arch in Penola after Julia Burnett died in childbirth photo donated by Ian Burnett

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Julia Burnett, daughter of Arch  and and his wife Julia, seen here as a police woman in Melbourne c.1950's photo donated by Ian Burnett

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Julia Burnett nee Patterson, with her brother, Jack Julia died at the birth of her son Arch photo donated by Ian Burnett

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Article from  the News (Adelaide) 7-3-1927 written by A.A. Burford about his son George, the youngest appointed JP at 24 years of age in September 1920 Also mentioned - Mr S B Harry Sourced from Trove BI 00013 9

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