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Photo of Underground Catacomb Church Coober Pedy South Australia by Peter Caust  

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CH 00050


CH 00050 The Opening & Blessing of the Catacomb Church of Coober Pedy 11 June 1977 The Anglican Bishop of Willochra Bishop Bruce Rosier Mentioned: Kerry Medway, Albert McCormack, Arnold McCormack, Kevin & Raelene Hull, Helen McCormack, Phil Olsson, Estelle Olsson, Sigi Plessing, Vicki McCormack, Robin Williams, Diedre McCormack, Julieanne Medway.

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CH 00049


Article from THE REAL AUSTRALIAN  Winter 2015 by Mary Lewis " BCA's History in the Diocese of Willochra" An edited edition of BCA's involvement in the Willochra Diocese as it celebrated its centenary in 2015.

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CH 00048


Article from The Real Australian  Winter 2015 by Kerry Medway, "Coober Pedy, 100 Years Since The Discovery of Opal" Mentions the Catacomb Church's activities during the Centenary celebration, and all BCA missioners who have served in Coober Pedy. Mentioned in order of appearance: Geoff & Tracey Piggott, Kerry Medway, first two BCA nurses in Coober Pedy Sisters Heather Heaver and Pat Darby, Sister Anne Dau who won a bravery medal, BCA Sisters Carol Allen & Michelle Blondel with Sister Vicki McCormack and husband Albert McCormack, the first BCA Missioner The Revd Brian Carter, The Revd Barry & Mrs Jenny Rainsford, The Revd [...]

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1961 0219


Community Hall, after church service on Sunday morning Series of 32 photos (1961 0214 to 1961 0245) from Adelaide University/Adelaide Teachers College work project on the Coober Pedy Aboriginal Reserve, August 1961, donated by David Hewitt Read story of Work Camp at  GI 70025

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CH 00038


CH 00038 'The Church Goes ...Underground,' by Margaret Kerr, Australian Women's Weekly 19/7/67 Mentions: Mitsuya Ito, Fr. Francis Cresp, Aurelia Krmac, Frank & Nancy Titheradge, Robin & Jill Day, Bishop Gallagher, Oreste Costa, Freda & Werner Hodl, Dr Francis Walsh

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CH 00046


CH 00046 'Opening of Catacomb,' Willochran July/August 1977 Photos & mentions: Kerry & Julieanne Medway, Albert, Arnold, Helen & Vicki McCormack, Rev. Barry Rainsford, Bishop Rosier, Rev. Theo Hayman, Kevin Hull and Bill & Daphne Lennon.

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CH 00037


Keeping Faith in the Outback, Advertiser 14/11/94 Father Tony Redden and Williams family of Mt Barry

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