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Document - Explanatory Notes  on the Referendum held by Council on 7-4-1990. Referendum concerned the possible development of 1. The Triangle  2. The Old Water Conservation Reserve  3. The Jewellers Shop CA 00002

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Article CPT 3rd May 1089 "General Election Candidates Saturday 6th May 1989" Mayoral Candidates : Eric Malliotis, John Smith, John Thrower General Election Candidates : Alex Geiger, Trevor McLeod, Ailsia Litchfield, Boro Rapaic, Marcia Lewis, Rodney Scott, Richard Eaton, Jonathon James, Gaye McLeod, Kypros Pantelis, John Papadopoulos, Ivan Milobara, Dulcie Szabo, Arthur Gouletsas. Ivan Vanajek, Anita Tsamtsikas, Peter Bruhns, Carmelo Crisa Also mentioned: Carrie Motley, Anne Vanajek CA 00010

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Unsuccessful initiatives of new council 'Back to Dug-out for Aged,' by David Mussared, Advertiser 26/3/87 Mention:  Bob Britain 'Coober Pedy May Have a Dry Area,' Advertiser 27/5/87 Mentions:  John Thrower, Neville Hyatt 'Town Seeking Spare $60,000,' Advertiser 28/1/87 Mentions:  John Thrower, Vicki McCormack, Mandy Sparrow 'Coober Pedy Recreation Park Knocked on the Head,' Advertiser 5/2/87 Mention:  John Thrower

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'Coober Pedy Officially in the Outback,' by Sylvia Kriven Advertiser 27/1/87 Mentions include: John Thrower, Member for Eyre Gunn, Vicki McCormack, Mandy Sparrow, Gus Arthur 'First Mayor Strides into New Role with Relish'  

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''Coober Pedy People to Vote Today on Local Council Issue,' by Kristen John, Advertiser 4/7/86 Mention:  John Thrower 'Opal Town Rejects Council,' by Kristen John, Advertiser 26/7/86 Mention:  John Thrower 'Opal Town to be Run by New Council,' by Jenny Shearer, 7/12/86 Mentions:  John Thrower, John Smith, Frank Penisi, Geoff Ferguson, Peter Chrisakis, Seiglinde Bruhns, Peter Bruhns, Boro Rapaic, Slavco Marjanovic, Athanasios Gouletsas, Peter Damien Schar, Ralph Adamo    

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District Council of Coober Pedy Executive with the new Wartsilla Engine for the Power Station 1995 Neville Mitchell, Electricity Manager (on right), Arthur Gouletsis, deputy mayor (far left), Robert wood, CEO (2nd from left) Eric Malliotis, Mayor (2nd from right)

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Annual Report - District Council of Coober Pedy March 1994 click to view article  

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Article "Lots of heat over Coober Pedy's hottest block" - The Advertiser 20/6/1988 re Council's decision to sell Lot 6 (site of Old Community Hall) to finance building a new Council Chambers. Mentions John James, Taki Delithanassis, Mayor Eric Malliotis click to view article

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