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Article "Big Storm Hits" by Lion Greg O'Neill  in the Lions Club of Coober Pedy Inc Bulletin 4-3-1978 Re storm on Thursday 1st December 1977, with hail, hurricane force winds, torrential rain and much damage in town but surprisingly  only one report of injury to a young girl DS 00015

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Fire destroys the Opal Inn, 10th November 1975

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Advertiser article re opal mining death 9.5.92

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Newspaper article 'Tragedy averted' 22.02.1968 tells about a woman who walked away from her companions and got dehydrated before rescuers found her.

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The News article 'Mine Death; man held' 29.09.1977

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Advertiser article "Woman falls to death in shaft" 14-8-06

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Peter Digaletos, nephew of Gregory Digaletos, visited the place where his uncle, Big John Vospouris and Nick Nathanael were killed in a cave-in at Olympic Field in 1980. Coober Pedy Regional Times article 'Tragedy in 80's brings nephew from Greece' 22.03.2007

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'Fire Destroys Coober Pedy Tourist Hostel' The Budget Motel owned by Joe Kmet was destroyed by fire, Advertiser article 20/6/1996

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article re 5 Aborigines who died on William Creek Road, 1960

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