1961 0224


Entrance to a dugout Series of 32 photos (1961 0214 to 1961 0245) from Adelaide University/Adelaide Teachers College work project on the Coober Pedy Aboriginal Reserve, August 1961, donated by David Hewitt Read story of Work Camp at  GI 70025

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1937 0042


Photo of a dugout entrance Caption 'At Coober Pedy, where everyone lives underground where they can excavate as many rooms as they desire' From the newspaper Sydney Mail 17-3-1937 p26 Thought to be the same dugout as in 1960 0038

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1920 0102


'Landscape of Coober Pedy' SLSA caption Entrance to an early dugout Photographer: J Meagher SLSA reference number: B-60580 Reproductive Rights: SLSA

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1920 0103


'Landscape of Coober Pedy' SLSA caption An early dugout with water drums Photographer: J Meagher SLSA reference number: B-60581 Reproductive rights: SLSA

1920 01032020-11-05T16:41:25+10:30
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