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Article "Costly Pig"  - August 1972 Mentions St John Officer in Charge at Whyalla, Mr D Jacquier and Ambulance plane pilot Mr Barry Clifford re auctioning a pig to raise money for a new St John road ambulance for Coober Pedy

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New vehicle for SES Rescue Unit, Advertiser articles 6/6/86, 12/9/86 Mentions:  Marcia Lewis, Grant Drummond

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Mines Rescue Fundraiser to raise money to purchase harnesses, CPT 9/10/1991 Brian Underwood explains the importance of the harnesses to their rescue work.

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Mine Rescue Squad "Ten Years to the Rescue," CPT 1982

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Advertiser article re opal mine accident 29.01.1999

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Poster for Mine Rescue recruitment 2007

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St Johns Ambulance, "Save Me . . . and then one day I may save you" CPT 1/11/89

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