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Article "After the cameras roll there's another role.... " re  school classes attended by the stars of "Fire in the Stone"

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Coober Pedy Goes Hollywood by Celia Barnes Andrew Brockhoff, Dieter and Lorraine Sternberg and Tom & Mary's are mentioned in the article. Click to open

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List of State Library audio-visual items relating to Coober Pedy Click to open

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Mad Max ... Beyond Thunderdome, Coober Pedy Times, Sept 1985, article by Michael Robertson Click to open article

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Article about the filming of Mad Max 3 Beyond Thunderdome Mad Max 3 Keeps Low Profile, Coober Pedy Times Dec 1984 Click to open FM 00017    

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Fire in the Stone a Success Story, Coober Pedy Times October 1983 FM 00004 Click to view file  

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Video Launch - Life on the Opal Fields of Coober Pedy, by Trevor McLeod CPT 18/12/96. Mayor Eric Malliotis picured congratulating amateur film maker Andrew Rosenzweig at the Video Launch click to view article

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Movies Filmed in Coober Pedy click to view article

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Film Crew Invasion - Salute of the Jugger CPT 9/88 click to view article

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Movie Makers Flock to Coober Pedy by Corriena Fisher, CPT 26/7/95 re. Dieter & Lorraine Sternberg's company, "The Outback Film Services". click to view article

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