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Article "Jack Norton revisits" CPT June 1987  by Peter Caust Re. visit to Coober Pedy by George Robert "Jack" Norton after almost 70 years. Jack stayed with Len & Judy Absalom. Jack recalled how he and Archie Burnett drove the first vehicle a Ford, from William Creek to Coober Pedy in 1918 starting a freight and passenger service. The miners called it "Wilful Murder" Also mentioned: Doug McDouall, Sam Ervine and Tom Brady  

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Article from a magazine re Australian "Coat of Arms" made on a hillside by Steve Matusiak

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Coober Pedy Opal Miners "Hall of Fame" Honour Board Listing Inductees from 2004 - 2007

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Country Connection article "Destinations - A great year for fossickers" by Doreen Chamberlain - July-September 1989 (Inflight with Kendall Airlines magazine) Includes advertisements mentioning "Toms's Tours", The Big Winch hosted by Gabriele & Claus, "Star Opal" with Robert & Helen McCormack, Umoona Opal Mine & Museum and Opal Motel GI 90023      

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'Cats and Dogs of Coober,' by Michelle Etheridge, Advertiser 13/3/22 Pictured:  Dawn Jones and Hayden Lewis Dawn's Coober Pedy Animals' Second Chance arranges for animals to be rehomed and desexed through Paws & Claws in Adelaide.

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The Good Weekend magazine in The Age "A Rock and a Hard Place" 13/3/1999. Stories about Steve Eger, Dean Clee, Joseph Kristo, Damir Adlaf, Sakib Sarajlic, Thelma Bekiaris, Lydia Grava, Maria and David Westneat, Crocodile Harry (Arvid Blumental)

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Article Australian Womans weekly 2-2-1964 re Opal Cave. Mentions Faye Nayler & Ettie Hall

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Poem "They're a Weird Mob" written in the 1960's about people living at the Shell Patch. Names include Lee Robins, Murray Anock, Dean McMullen, wally Leuch, Bill McDougall, Jim the Pommy, Ron & Joan Ayton, Lofty, Owen & Lewis Daws, LLoyd & Joe Fimeri, Max Grund, Col & Laurie Seekamp, Ron Schubert, Howard Edwards & Lennie Dunne. CPT 22-6-1994

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Newspaper article "A dugout on Fire" re a fire in Bert Paxton's dugout in 1929

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