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Adelaide Advertiser article WHERE THEY LIVE UNDERGROUND  Coober Pedy and its Opals By C.A.S. Mansbridge 25 November 1939 page 11 Mentions the Mayor George Burford, Storeman Vic Williamson, Mailman Jacob Santing and describes George Burford's dugout GI 40021

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Obituary: Pasqualina (Pat) Campagna,  Died 10th May 1990 Coober Pedy Times 6-6-1990 page 7 Mentions: Husband Tom, children Ricky and Laura, sister Joyce, Pastor Deane Clee  

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GI 70045   Geoff Byrnes' recollections of the summer of 1959-1960. Mentions Donald, Beverly and Michael Byrnes, the Kempe family at Macumba and Dick Nunn at Anna Creek

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Article  "We'd really love to see you in Coober, cobber", by Valerina Changarathil from The Advertiser May 16 2015. Written in the year of Coober Pedy's centenary, the  Mayor, Steve Staines tells of the opportunities and challenges of the town

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GI-13008 Article "Coober Pedy 5723" from the Weekend Australia Magazine 16/17 May 2015 Mentions Dave Sawyer (Swampy)

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Article "Opal Capital of Australian Outback"  by Kenny Moore, photographs by Penny Tweedie - National Geographic October 1976 Mentions Danny Serdar, Josef Boucek (alias Machine gun Joe), Alice Burke, James Hutchison, Faye Nayler, Trevor and Kate Weatherill, David Genat, Tony Starke, Fred Horie, Tom Kruse, Craig Cameron, Owen Daw, Farid Khan, Jim Ledgard, Harold Binke. GI 80030

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30 Years after Student Bus Crash near Coober Pedy, Survivors Plan Documentary, Coober Pedy Regional Times, 23/6/23 45 students and 4 teachers from Mount Lilydale Mercy College were on board. Local responders included Andy Sheils (pictured), Janet Brewer, Veronika Witham, Nora McDonald, Lloyd Hetzel, and Grant Drummond.

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Article "Jack Norton revisits" CPT June 1987  by Peter Caust Re. visit to Coober Pedy by George Robert "Jack" Norton after almost 70 years. Jack stayed with Len & Judy Absalom. Jack recalled how he and Archie Burnett drove the first vehicle a Ford, from William Creek to Coober Pedy in 1918 starting a freight and passenger service. The miners called it "Wilful Murder" Also mentioned: Doug McDouall, Sam Ervine and Tom Brady  

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Article from a magazine re Australian "Coat of Arms" made on a hillside by Steve Matusiak

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Coober Pedy Opal Miners "Hall of Fame" Honour Board Listing Inductees from 2004 - 2007

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