GI 14003


'Cats and Dogs of Coober,' by Michelle Etheridge, Advertiser 13/3/22 Pictured:  Dawn Jones and Hayden Lewis Dawn's Coober Pedy Animals' Second Chance arranges for animals to be rehomed and desexed through Paws & Claws in Adelaide.

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GI 11013


The Good Weekend magazine in The Age "A Rock and a Hard Place" 13/3/1999. Stories by Steve Egeraria , Dean Clee, Joseph Kristo, Damir Adlaf, Sakib Sarajlic, Thelma Bekiaris, Lydia Grava, and Maria and David Westneat.

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GI 70041


Article Australian Womans weekly 2-2-1964 re Opal Cave. Mentions Faye Nayler & Ettie Hall

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GI 70014


Poem "They're a Weird Mob" written in the 1960's about people living at the Shell Patch. Names include Lee Robins, Murray Anock, Dean McMullen, wally Leuch, Bill McDougall, Jim the Pommy, Ron & Joan Ayton, Lofty, Owen & Lewis Daws, LLoyd & Joe Fimeri, Max Grund, Col & Laurie Seekamp, Ron Schubert, Howard Edwards & Lennie Dunne. CPT 22-6-1994

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GI 30015


Newspaper article "A dugout on Fire" re a fire in Bert Paxton's dugout in 1929

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GI 20007


Notes on the Stuart range Opal Field by Government Geologist L Keith Ward, following a visit to the field in 1916 GI 20007

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GI 90022


Advertiser article "Coober Pedy:charity is not enough" 30-8-1980 re. impact of television's introduction to Coober Pedy Mentions; Neville Hyatt (Progress & Miners Ass president), Kevin Dowling (local pharmacist), Mr Hill (State Local Government Minister), Mrs Dee Atkinson, Richard Russell ( Port Augusta pilot) GI 90022    

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GI 30022


Article "Stuart Range Opal Fields"  from the Transcontinental 7th April 1922 Reprinted from the "Mining Review" under authority of T Pascoe, Minister of Mines re opal industry at the time including notes for miners on obligations and rights of Miners Right holders GI 30022

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GI 30021


Article "Coober Pedy Novel Village on Opal Field" 10th January 1922 about the living conditions and dugouts on the field, mail service, water supply from the Western Argus (Kalgoorlie WA) GI 30021

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