HS 00103


SA Government Gazette entry on June 27 1968 Section 445, north out of hundreds, out of counties, dedicated to Waterworks Reserve at Coober Pedy

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HS 00102


SA Government Gazette entry on September 5 1963 I. Revocation of 5/2/1959 gazetted Reserve for Aborigines 2. Declaration of Reserve for Aborigines in the Schedule Section 8, north out of hundreds, out of counties

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HS 00101


SA Government Gazette entry on 5th February 1959 Reserve for Aborigines declared at Coober Pedy - Section 393, north out of hundreds

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HS 00099


SA Government Gazette entry on April 27 1922 Coober Pedy Tank Reserve gazetted

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HS 00098


From SA Government Gazette on 27th March 1969 Town of Coober Pedy Constituted  

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HS 00097


HS 00097 Mintabie Opal Fields Phone Book 2008, courtesy of Studio 8

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HS 00096


'Street Names,' in alphabetical order with a comment, supplied by the CPPMA Street Naming Committee 1985 Coober Pedy Times April 1985

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1966 0449


A Seismic Crew in front of Joe Vida's garage (on the present site of the City Gate building on Malliotis Boulevard)

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HS 00095


List of Hungarian people in Coober Pedy from 1970 compiled by Justina Haberstich click to view HS 00095  

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