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    The Coober Pedy Hospital, Inc was opened on 8th October 1882 by Minister of Health Mrs Jennifer Adamson.

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Kathy Kruger, Profile by Angela Jachmann, CPRT 20/5/2004

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Sisters Lillian Morgan and  Judith Stack with Dr Merna Mueller at the Flying Doctor plane

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Articles on the construction of the Coober Pedy Hospital, pages 6 & 7  -"AUSTRALIAN HOSPITAL' November 1982 "Solid construction defies traditional Coober Pedy trends" "Unique concept for hospital in the Outback" by Ian Hammond Mentions design architects, Berry Polomka Riches and Gilbert HP 00019

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Article 'Coober Pedy Hospital' -  "Architecture Australia March 1985 by Berry Polomka Riches Gilbert Pty Ltd (Architect) Describes design objectives, site planning, planning, form, construction, engineering services, landscaping, interior design, post construction click to view HP 00018.

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letter from Cyril Gosden, secretary of the Hospital Committee to Fauldings , on June 13th 1921, requesting that the order for goods be sent immediately

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