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Aboriginal Trackers Danny and Freddy, thought to have come from Ooldea, who worked with Policeman Ronald Robert Warner of Tarcoola  (1944 to 1949). Their work was to ensure that tensions between local Aboriginal people and the surveyors setting up Woomera were quelled.    

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Ronald Robert Warner Policeman at Tarcoola  from 1944-1949, next to his 1936 Ford Utility which was used for his work

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Article "Bloody Hell" , People Magazine  by Paul Mann June 20 1983 Tells about the violence in Coober Pedy  in the 1980's Mentions  Alex Anisimoff, Stojan Solar, Crocodile Harry GI 90025

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CPT article 24-3-1993, "The Times are Changing" by Senior Sergeant Dean Harris re visit by now retired Eric "Dusty" Rhodes, the Police Officer in Charge at Coober Pedy in 1965 & 1966 telling of his experiences.

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Article "When the law comes to town" re Andrew Cannon holding court at Seven Water Holes, Lambina.  Weekend Australian Magazine Aug 2002

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Historic police notes re.Trooper Buttfield in the north west of SA in 1883, Police Officer Jack Francis 1937  in Oodnadatta,  Mounted Constable Casey 1920 at Tarcoola who recommended the appointments of MC 's Copeland and Ridge to the Stuart Range Opal Field in 1921. Also mentioned are Constables D Snodgrass and R James from Kingoonya and First Class Constable Eric(Dusty) Rhodes, stationed at Coober Pedy in 1965.

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Letter by MA Harcourt (Halliday) seeking confirmation of identity of one of first Police men, Ted Ridge. Other letters by Inspector Alf Laslett and Senior Sergeant Phil Hanley

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