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Article CPT  December 1988 " Opal Industry 1984-1986" Survey results on Opal Mining Industry in Coober Pedy, Mintabie, Andamooka and other fields Gives numbers of miners, equipment used, production and cost of production

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Article Coober Pedy Times 18-7-1990 "Record Find" Mentioned: Two large opals mined on Jupiter Field in July 1989, one named Jupiter-Five, the other named Persephone. Opal expert Stuart Jackson wrote descriptions

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Carl Wille cutting opal on a hand operated cutting wheel. Carl's name is spelled variously. From Will to Wille to Willie to Wills. He is listed as having a miner's right from 1922 to 1930. Then again in 1935 and 1943. On the back of the photo is written "Ancient art. Carl Wille opal cutter Coober Pedy. Flashlight Plate" The photo was in a collection of photos discovered by Darren Stockbridge WA

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Opal Hunters The Bartrams on the Opal Fields 1936-2021 by Donald Bartram Covers opal mining in Andamooka by the Bartram family from the first visit by Walter Bartram in 1936, to Coober Pedy in the mid 1940's, to Glengarry in the 1970's, White Cliffs and Purnunga in the 1980's then back to Coober Pedy in 2016.  

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Manfred Haider, polishing opal on 'The Flat' using a hand cranked polishing wheel

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Plastic Opal Bag Complimentary opal bag given to opal miners by dealer and exporter John Roufos c.1967  

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