PS 00008


Copy of cover sent to Mr Adolf C. Bender, Minnesota USA from Alfred North

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1920 0107


Underground Post Office  showing Commonwealth Bank of Australia Sign and Compulsory Voting Sign Photo by J Meagher SLSA B 60571

1920 01072021-11-07T15:30:58+10:30

1938 0076


From Article "Opal Fields Dying"  PIX magazine May 28 1938 Photo shows post office in Post Office Hill Copied from TROVE nla

1938 00762021-09-11T21:43:52+09:30

1938 0075


From Article "Opal Fields Dying"  PIX magazine May 28 1938 Ben Mohr , Postmaster and bank manager in front of Post Office Copied from Trove nla

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PS 00024


Envelope sent by Alf North at the Coober Pedy Post Office to Mrs Laura Houtchins in Denver Colorado, USA on 27 th May 1939

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1939 0076


Photo and description on back - "Looking east from the Post Office" Handwritten by Alfred North Sent by Alfred North, Coober Pedy Postmaster - to Miss Jean West in NZ in c.1939 Donated by Colin & Dianne Murphy click to view 1939 0076

1939 00762019-11-19T23:01:45+10:30

1939 0075


Postcard - North Series No. 1 caption: Dugout Post Office & P.M. Coober Pedy, South Australia Postmaster Alf North seated outside Post Office. Alf North sent this postcard to Miss Jean West in New Zealand Handwritten on back "Greetings from this unique Outpost - Alfred North PM 1939" Donated by Colin & Dianne Murphy click to view 1939 0075

1939 00752019-11-19T23:00:41+10:30

PS 00023


Scanned copy of an unopened cover sent to Mrs Pearl Koonce of Wynne Arkansas USA by Postmaster Alf North in 1940 The cover includes a promotion for the Royal Adelaide Exhibition March 15 - May 11 1940, as well as "one week in Adelaide for five pounds and five shillings" by the SA Tourist Bureau It was donated by Mr David Saks of Memphis, Tennessee, a member of the Memphis Stamp Collectors Society

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