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Article "Concrete Tank at the Opal Fields" re work and conditions in the construction of the Underground Water Tank from Transcontinental (Port Augusta) 17th February 1922 Mentions W Hargrave (Inspector of the Water Conservation Dept) and Mr Turley (Foreman of the Tank construction) PW 00019

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Newspaper article 3-3-72 "Johnny lights up town" re Johnny Roufos' power supply for Coober Pedy and Newspaper article 12-10-72 "Coober Pedy power re the Electricity Trust asked to augment the electricity supply in Coober Pedy as the generator had broken down Mentioned: Minister of Works Mr Corcoran and Mr Gunn (LCP, Eyre)

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"Water to be carted 85 miles" Advertiser article 20-8-1970 Reported by Mr Corcoran, the Minister of Works  - technical trouble with Coober Pedy's desalination plant, necessitating water carting form Matheson's bore in order to supply the 2,000 people with 48 gallons of water per person every week.

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  'Opal Town Propelling into its Future,' by Peter Hackett photos Steve Morenos, Advertiser 18/5/91 Wind turbine Quotes: Peter Tsiros and Mines & Energy spokesman Klunder

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  'Spinning Success in Outback,' News 20/1/92 Wind turbine generator

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'Gem Town to become Oasis,' by Randall Ashbourne, Sunday Mail 18/3/84 Reticulated water plans 'Wild Bill Sees his Dream of desert green,' by Tony Kracmera, Sunday Mail 18/3/84 Bill Stretton interview and photo

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Electrician Gerhard Hoelzer (left) and Neville Mitchell ( DCCP Electricity Manager). DCCP photo

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